Five teams poised to climb into the Future Power Rankings

Future Power Rankings: Outside looking in (2:47)

With the release of the latest college football future power rankings, Travis Haney and Heather Dinich look at a few teams that deserve more respect than they are currently getting. (2:47)

There were four newcomers to the 2015 Future Power Rankings, our Insiders’ three-year projection for the best teams in college football. TCU (12), Tennessee (16), Ole Miss (22) and Arizona State (25) all joined the top 25. So there’s room for change from year to year.

Which programs have the best chance to climb into the 2016 edition of the Future Power Rankings? Here are the top contenders to trend upward, beginning with the most likely:

1. Washington Huskies (FPR: 33)

This three-year projection is squarely centered on the track record of Huskies head coach Chris Petersen. Petersen, entering his second season at U-Dub, went a ridiculous 92-12 at Boise State. The competition level is ramped up in the Pac-12, granted, but so is the level of talent Petersen has at hand.

In addition to 92 wins at his previous stop, Petersen won eight games in his first season in Seattle; his predecessor, Steve Sarkisian, won eight games once in his five years (his final season).