Oregon State CB Larry Scott answers a few questions as 'The Commish'


BURBANK, Calif. -- Oregon State senior cornerback Larry Scott, one of the two returning starters on the Beavers' defense this season, shares a name with another big Pac-12 figure, commissioner Larry Scott.

And at Pac-12 media days, he decided to have a bit of fun with that fact, having "The Commish" embroidered onto his shirt.

Larry Scott's shirt says "The Commish."

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So the Pac-12 Blog decided to field "The Commish" a few heavy-hitting Pac-12 questions.

His thoughts on league expansion: "It depends on the teams that come in, to be honest. If they're top-tier teams, then I have no problem."

Ideas on how to improve nonconference scheduling: "I would like to see the Pac-12 with a lot of SEC matchups. That would be very fun."

On live mascots, specifically, whether every should team have a live mascot: "I've never thought about that. to be honest. I've never really thought about that. It would be pretty interesting. I've never really seen a beaver up close. I've seen from afar walk by. ... That would be pretty interesting."

Larry Scott: PAC-12 commissioner or player?

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