Christian McCaffrey responds to prediction he'll win 2029 Super Bowl

ESPN's Thomas Neumann wrote a fun story predicting the next 25 Super Bowl champions on Wednesday, and Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey was part of his future projections.

Thanks to Twitter, we now know that McCaffrey reads our content here at ESPN and is fully onboard with the plan to win Super Bowl LXIII as a member of the San Antonio Chupacabras -- a team that obviously doesn't exist yet -- in 2029.

Neumann projects that all four McCaffrey brothers -- Christian, wide receiver Max, and quarterbacks Dylan and Luke -- will play in this Super Bowl. The team featuring Christian and Dylan will roll up 545 yards of total offense to beat Max and Luke's Cincinnati Bengals and take home the Lombardi Trophy.

McCaffrey bragged about his victory to his brothers:

But the AP College Football Player of the Year had no response to some projected smack talk from his father, Ed, who "tells his sons that his late-1990s Broncos would have crushed either of their teams."

Whether or not any of this article's predictions pan out, one thing is certain: We're looking forward to seeing where McCaffrey's career takes him in the next 13 years.