California to celebrate Marshawn Lynch cart ride with bobblehead

That time Marshawn Lynch took a utility cart for a spin after a win (1:03)

We've all seen the GIF of Marshawn Lynch's joy ride in a utility cart when he played for Cal. But do you know the history behind that cart ride? (1:03)

There are giveaways. There are bobblehead giveaways. And then there are bobblehead giveaways of Marshawn Lynch driving the utility/injury cart!

It's must-have for any California collector so mark Nov. 5's home game against Washington.

The giveaway celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Lynch's fantastical cart ride following a 31-24 overtime win over the Huskies. Lynch's touchdown in overtime, his second of the game, gave the Bears the decisive points and Desmond Bishop sealed the victory with an interception shortly after.

Back in February, our Ted Miller looked back on that game -- and that ride -- through an oral history of the moment with some of the players and coaches (even students and water boys) who were there.

"I got the interception at the end of the game," Bishop recalled. "There was a crowd [on the field], and we were walking back. Then we see Marshawn whipping it, ghost riding the cart. At first, a lot of people thought it was me because we both wore No. 10. He was all excited. We didn't really think nothing of it. It was funny at the time. That was it. But after the game, you found out it was such a big deal."