Pac-10 football Mt. Rushmore?

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Sure some of you folks already have seen this but it may have gotten lost in the recruiting hoopla for many of you: ESPN.com did a state-by-state "Mt. Rushmore" of sports.

You can vote for your favorite here. And here's the index.

It was notable to me that the only two Pac-10 football presences were Don James for Washington and Pat Tillman for Arizona. Pac-10 hoops produced John Wooden for California and Lute Olsen for Arizona.

By way of comparison, two of the four picks from Alabama and Florida emerged from college football.

Wonder how some of you might envision a Mt. Rushmore of Pac-10 football.

To me, the two certainties would be Don James and John McKay.

It would be hard not to include Pete Carroll. Tillman would be a good one -- good granite chin, too.

If it were still 1993, O.J. Simpson would be a possibility.

Who else?

Terry Baker? Terry Donahue?

Frank Kush? Howard Jones?

Marcus Allen? Pappy Waldorf? Carson Palmer? John Elway? Troy Aikman? Jim Plunkett? Gary Beban? Charles White?

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.