Halftime: Washington 10, Nebraska 7

Washington is making the most of its do-over. So far.

Washington leads Nebraska 10-7 at halftime, a Cornhuskers team that rolled the Huskies 56-21 on Sept. 18.

The Cornhuskers had 28 points at halftime in the first game and finished with 533 total yards. They had just 105 yards in the first half against a Huskies defense that is missing three injured defensive linemen.

Credit to defensive coordinator Nick Holt and an inspired effort from his charges. Now can they maintain in the second half?

The Huskies didn't get much offense -- QB Jake Locker is 0-7 passing -- but who would have predicted the Huskies would outrush Nebraska 102 to 48 in the first half?

The take-away from the first half: A nice effort by the Huskies. A flat effort by Nebraska.

Now who makes a move in the second half? You'd expect Nebraska to counter. Do the Huskies have a second wind?

Washington running back Chris Polk has 86 yards at halftime. Prediction: If he matches that in the second half, Huskies win.