Nebraska's offense is all or nothing

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Nebraska has thrived offensively on the big play so far this year. When it happens, it's great. The rest of the time? Not so great.

That's the case in the first half against Washington, as well. Consider:

  • Taylor Martinez has only four completions in 10 attempts, but two of those have gone for touchdowns and another one went 50 yards.

  • Martinez has a 28-yard run but only 17 other yards on his other seven runs.

Nebraska fans just booed their offense as it put itself in a hole then couldn't move the ball on a three-and-out series. Perhaps they're growing tired of this all-or-nothing situation.

The Huskers' big-play guy on special teams might be lost for the day. Return man Ameer Abdullah, who has sandwiched two long kickoff returns around a fumbled punt return, left after apparently hurting his ankle on a 66-yard scamper on a kickoff. He hasn't been back in the game since.