BCS statement: They're talking playoffs

If you needed any more proof that earnest efforts to change and improve the college football postseason -- read: install a playoff system -- continue to gain momentum, consider this news release:

Statement by the eleven BCS Commissioners and the Notre Dame Athletics Director:

As part of our continuing discussions about how to decide college football's national champion while maintaining the best regular season in sports, we met today in Dallas. The meeting was constructive and highly detailed.

While no decisions have been made about the overall structure, our talks have entered the "brass tacks" level. For every concept that enjoys broad support, there are a host of intricate details that we're talking through.

For example, if we change the current format, would we play some games on campus or all games on neutral sites? If some games are on campus, is that too much of a competitive advantage? If all games are at neutral sites, would fans be able to travel to two games in a row? How would teams be selected? By a committee, by the current ranking formula, or by a different formula? When exactly would games be scheduled, considering finals, holidays and our desire to avoid mid-January games?

As we discuss the upsides and downsides of our decisions, we are united in our desire to protect our great regular season and honor the bowl tradition, while maintaining the collegiate nature of our sport.

We're making good progress toward our self-imposed goal of making a final recommendation this summer to our governing bodies.

So the specific details are being talked about. That's a good thing for you playoff proponents, BCS haters.

While there are no guarantees we'll have some sort of playoff after the latest BCS contract expires in 2014, the good money is on us heading toward some sort of Final Four in college football.

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