On stage ... Oregon

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- Some notes from Oregon coach Chip Kelly, running back Kenjon Barner and linebacker Michael Clay.

  • Kelly and Barner showed up in all-black. Clay was in some snazzy white pants.

  • Kelly: "We only had 10 seniors on last year's team." Only 16 seniors this year, by the way.

  • Both Barner and Clay have already graduated.

  • Kelly on De'Anthony Thomas' role increase: "De'Anthony's role will increase and Kenjon's role will increase."

  • Barner on the Ducks uniforms: "Who knows what to expect? It's Oregon."

  • Kelly on how much more Thomas can do: "Hopefully a lot ... the only thing we won't do is let him throw ... you'll see him a little bit more in the kick return game, maybe punt return."

  • Kelly was asked about Penn State sanctions. He said the primary issue was victims and protecting "youth of this country."

  • Barner on pressure: "Pressure is what you feel when you don't know what you're doing. I've been in this position a few times in my career."

  • Clay on Ducks defense: "We don't want the big, slow, clunky guys."

  • Kelly wouldn't say whether Thomas was chiefly a running back or receiver: "I don't know what he is. He's a special player."