Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my chat yesterday, you missed me apparently spamming 12 times that USC would beat Alabama, some brain flatulence on my part by saying Utah lost to UCLA last year and my recipe for grilled peaches. Per usual when you get on a Pac-12 blog chat, wackiness is sure to ensue (your move, Mr. Miller).

You can catch the complete chat here or just read the highlights.

Steve (Tucson): What areas do you see the Arizona wildcats needs improvement from this weekend's matchup with OSU? We know they az can put up the yards in the new offense but having the most yards doesn't win games.

Kevin Gemmell (2:07 PM): No it does not. You have to be a little concerned with such a young secondary ... then again, OSU has a freshman QB. I think this week will be a good measuring stick. The 3-3-5 is not an easy scheme to learn. And taking Flowers out of the secondary and moving him to LB (while a good move to plug a hole) leaves four sophomores back there. That's a huge storyline to watch this week.

Winston Free (Someplace still without PAC 12 Network): After one game, what is your take on UW's defense? They were a trick play and a blown coverage (or two blown coverages) away from a shutout. Is the UW improving or SDSU being offensively challenged with so many new players at key spots?

Kevin Gemmell (2:20 PM): I thought the defense was very aggressive and for the most part swarm tackled. Shaq Thompson is a hitter. Not sure if anyone remembers this specific play -- but he put a big pop on SDSU's fullback that made my iPad rattle. Like the aggressiveness. But I also said all along I thought SDSU would have some growing pains on offense. Overall, feel pretty good about the debut of the new-look defense.

Sheddi (Palouse): WSU looked BAD in week 1 but we also played the best team in week 1. So who else was your biggest week 1 disappointment? and what does Leach need to do to prevent any more disappointments?

Kevin Gemmell (2:26 PM): I think WSU suffered an immediate onset of crisis of confidence. They were moving the ball on that opening drive, then Tuel threw the interception and it all went downhill. I still believe they have the pieces in place to be a very good offensive team. As for other disappointments, Cal has to be No. 1.

Your biggest fan (Kevin's fan club): As a Stanford fan, how much trash can I talk to my friends who are cal fans? Cal fans were getting rather big headed recently and thinking that cal might actually be good. But of course since Stanford barely beat SJSU so I don't think I can get too cocky. Where's the line for trash talking after week 1?

Kevin Gemmell (2:27 PM): You can talk a little, and of course you have the indisputable "Well at least we won" comeback. But I wouldn't get too chatty...

Patches "O" hoola Han (Globo Gym): Can i get that recipe for the fried peaches?

Kevin Gemmell (2:33 PM): Split the peaches, start open side up for three minutes (with the grill top open). Then three minutes facing down. Then flip them over and where the pit usually is, add one drop of vanilla extract and some brown sugar. Close the grill top for one minute so the sugar melts in and it's a phenomenal dessert after a night of grilling.

Trojan1981 (NC): Is Mariota the PAC-12 Tebow, I mean 23 minutes of game time and he is already a Heisman candidate?

Kevin Gemmell (2:37 PM): I haven't made him a Heisman candidate yet. Lots more we need to see of him before he even enters that conversation. Plus he needs to prove he's the best player on that team, and right now there is another guy DAT comes to mind...

Papa John (Santa Barbara): Stanford beats SJSU by 54 in 2011, by 3 in 2012. What percentage of that 51-point swing is due to:1. Josh Nunes instead of Andrew Luck2. All of the other new players not named Nunes replacing departed players not named Luck.3. No Skov4. SJSU is better this year5. Other stuff

Kevin Gemmell (2:50 PM): Something that is getting overlooked is the absence of Ryan Hewitt -- who I think is one of the most underrated players in the conference. If he's in there at fullback, Stanford probably converts more third downs, he's a better receiving option (remember that whole spider-banana thing, fullback is the primary) and he could have played some TE as well. Not sure yet if he'll be back by Duke, but Stanford's offense is much more efficient when he's on the field.

Bryce (San Francisco, California): Which game this weekend are you most excited to watch?

Kevin Gemmell : (2:56 PM): Obviously, I think we all have a vested interest in LSU-Washington. But I really am excited to see Oregon State finally play a game. I think Mannion can be a fantastic quarterback and I'm curious to see how much he's grown up as a player over the last few months.

Jeremy (Honolulu): What do think of CK's decision to pull his starters before half when some (namely, Mariota) could have benefited from more playing time? Good decision? Bad decision?

Kevin Gemmell (2:58 PM): No problems with the decision at all. He'll have plenty of opportunities to learn. Get those young guys in while you can and get them some playing time.