Pac-12 chat wrap

Once in a lifetime, a chat comes along that is so compelling and informative that it absolutely has to be relived.

Yesterday's chat wasn't it ... but I'm holding out hope for next week.

Still, yesterday was pretty darn good. You can check out the complete chat here, or you can just enjoy the highlights below, completely free of charge. Ted wanted to make the chat wraps paid Insider posts, but I wouldn't let him. See what I do for you guys...

Devon (South Carolina): What has you worried the most about Oregon so far? Do you think they can put an end to the SEC domination if both Oregon and a SEC team reach the BCS Title Game?

Kevin Gemmell (2:02 PM): I would say the injuries on defense are the biggest worries so far. Because as a unit, they are playing really, really good football. All of that extra time the backups got in the first three weeks is going to pay dividends down the line if some more guys get injured.

Neil (Corvallis): How long do you think Oregon State can maintain the undefeated record?

Kevin Gemmell (2:04 PM): Well, they've got some tough ones against Stanford and Washington before the Civil War. But they are very, very impressive. The fact that they go 11-straight weeks without a break is something to keep an eye on though.

Mario (Tah): Kevin, what do you think Oregon's run/pass percentage will be against Washington this weekend? There seems to be some belief that the defense that stopped Stanford's running game will do the same against the Ducks.

Kevin Gemmell (2:07 PM): The Ducks are moving at about a 60-40 clip right now. I'd wouldn't expect them to deviate from that.

Lee (Tempe): How viable can Will Sutton be at the next level..? Does he move out or bulk up to stay inside...

Kevin Gemmell (2:08 PM): I talked to Graham yesterday and asked him that very question -- specifically if he moves to end at the next level but Graham said he projects him as an interior guy. Which I thought was very interesting.

Jesse (UT): Why is ASU not getting any love in the polls? Shouldn't the division leader in a deep conference be getting more than 15 points?

Kevin Gemmell (2:22 PM): I've got them at No. 24 in my poll and Ted has them in No. 25. I can't speak for the rest of the country, but I'd guess most people are holding the Missouri loss against them. They haven't beat an FBS team with a winning record yet. Not their fault, they can only play who is in front of them. But Illinois (2-3), Cal (1-4), Utah (2-2) probably doesn't inspire the national voters. But those of us close to the conference know what kind of strides they have made and we've rewarded them for it.

G (R-Town): WSU fan. Give me some hope against Oregon State this weekend please.

Kevin Gemmell (2:27 PM): I don't think enough people are giving WSU credit for the first half against Oregon. They are content to say that Oregon played sloppy -- but WSU had a really, really good gameplan. They were completely fearless on both sides of the ball. They gambled and lost -- but give them credit for taking a few shots at the champ. So if you're looking for hope, I'd say this was the first real game that we didn't see the Cougars get down on themselves.

Desmond Hume (In an underground bunker on an island): Seriously Kevin, if I listen to this Mama Cass song one more time I am going to freak out.....plus the food down here is terrible. Give me three songs for three different PAC-12 teams that define their seasons so far. See you in another life brother.

Kevin Gemmell (2:31 PM): Great to hear from you, brotha. See you in another life. Oregon, Indestructible. Colorado, Don't stop belivin.' USC, Everybody wants to rule the world.

Andy Dufresne (Shawshank): Which team needs my get busy living or get busy dying speech the most?

Kevin Gemmell (2:36 PM): Ooooo.... one of my favorite movies and speeches. Very inspirational. I think Utah and/or Stanford could use that.

Ryan (Ohio): Arizona is 3-2 yet I feel disappointed. How should I feel about my Wildcats?

Kevin Gemmell (2:48 PM): Feel very, very good. I talked to RichRod about this. The hype machine went into overdrive when they were 3-0. And then boo birds came out now that they've dropped two in a row. The truth lies somewhere in between.