How up & how down from preseason?

It's a rule of college football that the preseason rankings don't typically match the postseason rankings. Teams go up and down, either beating or falling short of expectations.

Paul Myerberg of USA Today and his respected blog Pre-Snap Read ranked all 124 teams in the preseason. And he also does it every week.

So, as we are at midseason, it might be fun to ask: Where did Pac-12 teams start in his rankings and where are they at present?

You can see his preseason rankings here. And his present rankings here.

And here's how he ranks Pac-12 teams at present and how much they moved up or down from his preseason rankings (spots up or down)

2. Oregon (same)

9. Oregon State (up 71)

16. USC (down 11)

19. Arizona State (up 63)

20. Stanford (up 3)

43. UCLA (up 15)

46. Washington (up 6)

48. Arizona (up 23)

53. Utah (down 39)

70. California (down 32)

95. Washington State (down 27)

105. Colorado (down 16)

So six teams are up, five teams are down and one stayed the same.

Of the six teams that are up, two are up more than 60 spots (Oregon State and Arizona State). Two others are up at least 15 spots (UCLA and Arizona).

Of the five teams that are down, three are down at least 27 spots (Utah, Cal and Washington State).

Obviously, this is just one man's opinion, but it does show how dramatic some teams can rise and fall just six games into a season.

The question now is how much deviation will we see from these midseason marks and the final rankings?