Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed our Thursday chat, you should ask everyone what they did with the $10,000 we gave to each participant.

You can read the entire transcript here.

Here are some highlights.

marinersblue96 (Bellevue) Can UW stuff the Trojans running game and can Trufant shut down one side of the field?

Ted Miller (3:03 PM) The Trufant matchup with the USC WR should be interesting, one that will be happening on Sundays down the road. I don't think the Huskies defense is the sort that can "shut down." I think it can slow. And I think it can be opportunistic. But my feeling is its the offense that needs to keep up. Can the Huskies score against the Trojans defense? Keith Price and the passing game will need to be on another level.

James (SLC) Who should be Utah's starting QB against UCLA? Wilson or Hays

Ted Miller (3:05 PM) Hays... I think Hays still give the Utes their best chance to win right now, but I like the idea of getting Wilson some action. If he keeps getting better, he might legitimately win the job. And he is the future. So Hay starts and needs to produce while Wilson gets some plays. If Hays can't get it done, it might be time to move on.

Beavfann (Denver) Which team needs a win the most this weekend?

Ted Miller (3:08 PM) Well, the Beavers are perfect and ranked in the top-10, so winning at BYU would sustain that. That said... not a conference game. You could say USC needs to win to stay in the national picture. And you could say a Cal loss at Washington State would be really, really bad for Jeff Tedford. It seems to me a lot of teams need to win.

Trojan1981 (The Office) What do you think of Nick Saban comment about the no huddle offense being unfair and unhealthy for the defense?

Ted Miller (3:17 PM) To be honest... he's right. No huddle means more plays. More plays means more chances to get hurt. But I think it was pretty self-serving. We could keep players healthy if we made a weight limit (under 300!) and said no player over 250 pounds can run a 4.5 40. In the end, though, I'm not going to hit him too hard because I like it when coaches take stands on issues. It's his opinion. It's not invalid. And it was interesting. We certainly have a right to disagree with him.

Don (Berkeley, CA) Was the Homecoming win versus UCLA a potential job saving win for Jeff Tedford?

Ted Miller (3:27 PM) Well, not if the Bears flop at Washington State. But if it's the first of many consistent performances, I'd say yes... But it's tough to get to a winning record when you start 1-2 in nonconference play. I think the Bears certainly go bowling if Maynard plays like he did against UCLA the rest of the season.

Scott (Seattle, WA) Spirit of politics, which head coach would you want to represent Pac-12 in an inter-conference debate?

Ted Miller (3:29 PM) Sarkisian... articulate and insightful... not afraid to talk to the media. He's in some ways become what Bellotti used to be -- a go-to coach when you need a smart quote for a story.

Greg (Tucson) Seems like this is a good bye week for Arizona with all of the injuries lately. How worried should us 'Cats fans be? What are the chances the team bounces back and beats Washington on the 20th?

Ted Miller (3:33 PM) That seems like a nice matchup for the Wildcats... The Huskies will be emerging from a brutal stretch of schedule and going on the road... Washington's offense might not be able to keep up with the Wildcats, who've scored on everybody. It feels like that will be a key game for both teams. Winner seems certain to go to a bowl. Loser might be questionable.

Jim (Bremerton, WA) What'll be the key to WSU's success if they're able to pull off the upset vs Cal this week?

Ted Miller (3:40 PM) Getting the passing game clicking... That starts with protecting the QB, and the QB protecting the football. Then Halliday needs to be accurate and make the right reads. That Air Raid needs a 70 percent completion rate.

Chris (LaLaLand) Do you ever see Lane Kiffin completely winning over USC fans. Don't give us an easy answer and say win.

Ted Miller (3:41 PM) Well, other than winning what was he hired to do? Sing and dance? Kiffin wins over USC fans as soon as he wins a national title. That's how USC coaches are measured. He could buy time with a couple of Rose Bowls, too.

James (Austin) What are your keys to the game for UCLA to beat Utah. UCLA is favored but as a Bruin fan myself i am nervous about this game

Ted Miller (3:49 PM) 1. Get Franklin going to take pressure off Hundley; 2. Stop John White and force the Utes to pass. The Bruins O-line will be taxed in this one. That, to me, is the key. How well does it hold up to Star Lotulelei and company?

Steve (Eugene) Looking to the Oregon-ASU game, do you think ASU will be able to hold the Ducks under anywhere near their average (52 pts)? On the flip side, do you think Oregon's Defense can keep ASU offense under control?

Ted Miller (3:52 PM) I think the ASU defense vs. the Oregon offense will be VERY interesting. Keep in mind that Ducks QB Marcus Mariota had a bad game against Washington State, his only bad game this year AND his only road start. I think if ASU fans pack Sun Devil Stadium, that could turn up the heat on Mariota. Guessing today, I don't think Oregon hits 50. That said... I like the Ducks defense against the Sun Devils. Not sure if they can consistently block that tough and deep front 7.

Donald (Eugene) Instead of asking if Oregon could hang in SEC why not ask it Bama or UF could hang in the PAC12? Hot in Tempe, Cold in Pullman and lots of travel.

Ted Miller (3:59 PM) Here's the answer: Oregon could hang with the SEC. Alabama could hang with the Pac-12. Both are elite teams.