Your future power rankings: Part II

Here is part two of your submissions for the Pac-12's future power rankings. Thanks for your participation. There were about three dozen more that were unpublishable dissertations, but they were all fun to read. A few of you tried to bring the funny. Some failed. Some succeeded. But we all had a good time.

Go ahead and bookmark these now or print them and stick them in a desk along with the Pac-12 blog's future power rankings. On Monday, June 27, 2016, we'll revisit them and have a good laugh (or cry).

As for the rest of the day, we're expecting a slow news day. But hang around the blog anyway. Just in case something pops up ...

Jon in College Station, Texas: 1. Oregon 2. Stanford 3. UCLA 4. USC 5. Arizona State 6. Washington 7. Utah 8. Oregon State 9. Arizona 10. Cal 11. Wazzu 12. Colorado. Oregon will always recruit well with the allure of the uniforms, facilities and the Nike money. The style of play is entertaining as well. 5-9 honestly could end up in any order.

Dylan in Seattle: 1. Stanford - Shaw is the best coach in the Pac-12. 2. Oregon - A slight Post-Kelly Post-sanctions dip 3. USC - Kiffin will either be out or will have put SC back on top, no tolerance for mediocrity 4. UCLA - Successful first year on the field and recruiting trail for Jim Mora continues. 5. ASU - Graham awakens the 'sleeping giant. 6. Arizona - RichRod's defensive issues persist. 7. Oregon St- good coaching but not enough talent to compete year in and year out. 8. UW - Sark never breaks through in competitive North division. 9. Cal - Offensive improvement under Dykes, defensive struggles leave them in the middle of the Pac. 10. Utah - Move to the Pac is too much, not able to compete for top recruits with other powers. 11. WSU - Leach is a good coach but Pullman is a tougher sell than Lubbock for recruits. 12. Colorado - occasional upset under MacIntyre not able to compete in a talented Pac-12

Preston in Tualatin, Ore.: 1) Oregon 2) Stanford 3) UCLA 4) USC 5) Washington 6) Oregon State 7) Arizona State 8) Arizona 9) Cal 10) Utah 11) Washington State 12) Colorado Anyone that questions Oregon's future supremacy clearly hasn't seen this: Or this: Or most importantly, this. Shaw, Mora, Sark and Riley are great fits for where they're at, and let's face it, USC is always built to succeed (especially with the new McKay Center).

Adam in Utah: 1. Oregon 2. Stanford 3. UCLA 4. USC 5. Oregon State 6. Washington 7. Arizona State 8. Cal 9. Arizona 10. Utah 11. Washington State 12. Colorado. Oregon has a a lot of returning starters De'Anthony Thomas, Josh Huff, Colt Lyerla, and an amazing QB in Marcus Mariota and many more. Yeah Oregon has a new head coach but lets not forget he helped design the high octane offence, I don't think they will skip a beat and lets face it the defense is underrated and many at ESPN would agree, is it up there with Alabama no and I am not saying it is but it is underrated. Oregon just has so much strength, skill and depth that they can fill holes where needed very easily. Stanford is going to be tough no doubt about it but they lost some key players that will be tough to fill so I think the Ducks will edge them out.UCLA is strong and will more than likely win the south but can't hang in there with Oregon and Stanford.USC is has a lot of unrefined talent and they are still rebuilding so they are kind of a wild card. Oregon State impressed me last year and I think they will be able to build on that. So I give them the edge over Washington.Washington is good but they seem to lack something last year I think they are up and coming so for that I gave them 6. The rest just have a lot of hard work a head of them to be able to compete on the level of the teams mentioned above. Thanks for taking the time to read my post even if you don't agree with it.

Duck Fan Mick in San Carlos: 1. Oregon 2. USC 3. Stanford 4. Oregon State (They're better than you think!) 5. Washington 6. UCLA (good, but not great) 7. Arizona State 8. Arizona 9. Cal 10. Utah (they'll get a shock this year facing both Oregon AND Stanford.) 11. Washington State 12. Colorado. I went USC over Stanford because it's still USC. Lane Kiffin won't be allowed to sink that ship. If they don't win up to expectations this year, he'll be gone.

Lawrence in Inglewood: 1. Cal: After three years, Dykes will have the #1 offense in the conference, and a ten win season, just like Tedford took a 1-10 team to a 10 win team in three years. 2. Oregon: Slight slide as the NCAA gives them a scholarship reductions and some of the assistants start retiring (Campbell) or being hired away (Alioti) 3. Arizona State: Some of those Arizona kids start staying home and the Sun Devils benefit in the South. 4. UCLA: Mora leaves because of Guerrero, but they build enough momentum to challenge for the top. 5. Stanford: Kids begin to realize that they don't want to play for boring Stanford, and they revert to mean. 6. USC: The scholarship reductions still hurt their squad, plus new coach Petersen is having a hard time to adjusting to the pressures of being the Trojan coach. 7. Washington: Seven Win Steve finally gets canned when he turns into Seven Loss Steve. Program rehires Tyrone Willingham in desperation. 8. Utah: Meh. 9. Arizona: Fun team to watch, but come on, it's Arizona. 10. Washington State: It's Wazzou. 11. Oregon State: Riley retires. 12. Colorado: Petitions to join the Mountain West.

Joseph in St. George, Utah: 1. USC (I still believe in Kiffin's coaching) 2. Oregon (offense is everything) 3. Arizona (see #2, Rich Rod knows offense) 4. Stanford (good coach, good culture) 5. Utah (does well as underdog, offense improves) 6. Arizona State (will lose some explosiveness) 7. Washington State (air raid will start to work) 8. Washington (current culture is to underachieve) 9. UCLA (will believe their own hype) 10. Cal (too soon) 11. Colorado (see #10) 12. Oregon State (roller coasters have to go down)

Christian in Casa Grande, Ariz.: 1. Arizona State 2. Oregon 3. UCLA 4.Stanford 5. USC 6. Washington 7.Oregon State 8. Arizona 9. California 10. Utah 11. Washington State 12. Colorado. That's very tough to determine! I thought of so many possible scenarios, but this seems like solid ranking.

Uh oh Chongo in Danger Island: 1 - Stanford: Built for long-term, solid recruiting and coaching. 2 - UW: 2013 sets up nicely, resources are in place. 3 - Oregon: Sanctions and coaching turmoil eventually catch up with Oregon. 4 - UCLA: Mora Jr. adapts to the college game, but has eyes for the NFL. 5 - ASU: Graham is here for the long haul. 6 - USC: Coaching change is inevitable, plenty of local talent. 7 - OSU: Riley takes the title of "Seven Win" from his colleague to the north. 8 - Arizona: Intermittent defense dooms Rodriguez again. 9 - WSU: Leach may do better with his recruits than he did with Wulff's. 10 - Utah: 10th in the Pac is better $ than 1st in the MWC. 11 - Colorado: Long road up from the bottom. 12 - Cal: Bottoming out in 2-3 years, then back up. Head Coach Tosh Lupoi has a nice ring to it.