The 'Chipisms' still exist in the NFL


The college football season is quickly approaching. And for those of you who haven't stepped back from that, you should know that the NFL season is quickly approaching as well.

And you should check out some of the NFL coverage every once in a while because you'll see some of your favorite former Pac-12 players and coaches hanging out. One of those guys is Eagles coach and former Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

Though I didn't cover the conference when Kelly was a coach, in my few months on the West Coast I've quickly learned that people fall into two categories when it comes to Kelly. One: They love to love him. Two: They love to hate him.

One of the things he was known for while he was at the helm of the Ducks were his "Chipisms." They became so famous that it warranted its own Twitter. It hasn't been updated recently, but it's worth a scroll when you have a few minutes. You might even remember a piece that ESPN.com's Ted Miller wrote a few years ago, "The Wit and Wisdom of Chip Kelly," in which he outlines some of his personal favorite Chipisms.

And if you think the NFL has changed the man, you're wrong. As my grandma always says, you can take the Chip out of the Pac-12 but not the chip out of the Chip.

In the most recent ESPN The Magazine, writer Seth Wickersham takes a look at the eight lessons that running back LeSean McCoy had to learn when he joined the Eagles. Pac-12 fans will recognize pieces of these in Kelly's former Oregon ways.

A few of my favorite lessons that McCoy had to learn:

  • He spins horse crap into touchdowns

  • He keeps shady slim

  • He causes cramps

If that doesn't make you want to read the story, then I don't know what will.