Stanford coach David Shaw does not think 7-on-7 is football

Over the weekend Stanford coach David Shaw spoke at the Nike Coach of the Year clinic and was asked about 7-on-7 during a Q&A session.

Many players believe it plays a big part in their recruitment and 7-on-7 coaches and clubs have become a huge part of football culture all over the country.

Two years ago, former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti told ESPN.com that "combines, 7-on-7's, camps all of them are a part of that total recruiting equation. At 7-on-7's, typically you get to see that person against better competition. ... It's one part of the equation of the evaluation."

Former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr added: "They'd all get a lot of work against the passing game, which I think was a great thing in terms of developing the skills of the athletes. It gave all the skilled athletes the opportunity to be evaluated by the college coaches. ... It became a great way for us to evaluate the kids that came to our camp."

But Shaw doesn't agree. He said that 7-on-7 isn't football so he doesn't evaluate any guys based off that film or those competitions.

"It means absolutely nothing to me as an evaluator," Shaw said. "I will also never ever, ever have a recruiting conversation with a 7-on-7 coach. I talk to high school coaches, counselors and parents."

Redlands High School offensive line coach Kevin Haugh tweeted the full quote from Shaw.