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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
The position rankings: What do they mean?

By staff

Posted by's Ted Miller

After I finished ranking the Pac-10 cornerbacks Tuesday -- the final position to be sorted -- I immediately thought to go back and review all the position rankings and see what they reveal.

I wondered in particular if they'd indicate that I needed to rethink my predicted Pac-10 finish:

  1. USC
  2. Oregon
  3. Arizona State
  4. California
  5. Arizona
  6. Oregon State
  7. Washington
  8. UCLA
  9. Stanford
  10. Washington State

Now, obviously, all these preseason rankings are just my opinion, and making distinctions between players at under-the-radar positions as well as players whose resumes are incomplete are mostly a crapshoot.

Moreover, I fudged around with some things while ranking the positions to make a simple averaging impossible. Some rankings were for individuals. Other were for positions as a whole.

I'm sure a math guy who loves a spreadsheet might be able to work this out toward more exacting conclusions, but since my measurements are merely educated guesses (and some of you might suggest that education didn't get past third grade), I'm merely going to point out some trends.

So,  does anything change my Pac-10 rankings? I'll admit to pausing a bit over Stanford, but I'm going to stand pat.