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Thursday, November 1, 2012
Pac-12 chat wrap

By Kevin Gemmell

If you have some energy left, click here to read the complete chat from yesterday. If you're still in a candy-induced coma and clicking is too much of a chore, simply read the highlights.

Drake Horner (Tucson, Arizona): If you had to pick who would come out of the south at this point who would you select?

Kevin Gemmell (2:01 PM): It's wide open. But right now Arizona controls its destiny. If USC loses this weekend, it will have three losses also. If Arizona beats UCLA and ASU, it holds all the tie breakers. UCLA has the big win over ASU, but has to still go through Arizona and USC. Arizona is in a very good position.

James (Salt Lake City Utah): There are 8 Pac-12 bowl games with Oregon going to the NC. What if Oregon does not go to the NC game and 9 Pac-12 teams are bowl eligible? Who become the bottom two teams and do they pick up an at large bowl and which at large bowl is likely?

Kevin Gemmell (2:03 PM): Not sure yet -- have to see which conferences don't fill their bowl requirements. Colorado is the only Pac-12 team officially eliminated, though others aren't far behind. Utah still has a shot, but has tough games against Arizona and Washington. As for which games -- well, Army has a tie-in to the Military Bowl but isn't bowl eligible, so that's a possibility. Also, the Little Ceasars Bowl (meetsa, meetsa) is a possibility.

Jonathan (Sunnyvale, CA): What are your thoughts on Shaw giving more reps to Hogan? Is the end near for Nunes? If Hogan comes out strong in first half against Colorado, could he just take over and play the whole second half?

Kevin Gemmell (2:07 PM): When I wrote the Nunes column after the Washington loss, I got SLAMMED for basically saying don't knock the guy after one loss. Give him a few more weeks with the stipulation that if he hasn't shown progress in a few weeks, then we can open up the discussion. Well, he hasn't shown much improvement so I think this is a good opportunity playing against a down Colorado team to start experimenting with a new QB. So I like the move and if he plays well enough, then maybe we see a switch. But I don't think Shaw is ready to hand everything over to him just yet.

Gecko (Stuck in the cubical.): I will be the first to admit the Beavs didn't look good this weekend. How much do you think that hit on Wheaton affected the momentum, and do you think that should have been flagged?

Kevin Gemmell (2:10 PM): I was at the game and I watched it very closely -- it was a weird play because they were both moving in the same direction, which made it an awkward hit. It probably should have been flagged, but in real time, it's so hard to make that call -- and I don't think it was intentional or dirty. As for how it hurt the team -- well, anytime you lose your top player it hurts.

Trey (Bizmark): I would love to hear your thoughts on the UCLA UA game at the Rose Bowl this weekend. Title still up in the air.

Kevin Gemmell: (2:24 PM): Think it might turn out to be the most interesting game of the weekend. Both teams coming in on major highs after emotional wins. Fantastic matchup of first-year coaches who have exceeded expectations. So many great storylines.

Ken (Los Angeles): Who wins the Heisman this year?

Kevin Gemmell: (2:31 PM): Who does? Or who should? Big difference. I think Klein probably wins based on his resume. Is he the best player in the country? No. I still think that belongs to DAT. But he doesn't have the resume right now for a Heisman. And I've actually had Barner No. 2 on my Heisman ballot for the last three weeks because I think he's the most complete running back in the country right now.

Jared (Ignoring Jareds Comments): Is Coach Whitt a great average coach or an okay great coach?

Kevin Gemmell: (2:48 PM): Whittingham is a "GREAT" coach. Give him time to develop depth and Utah is going to be a player in the conference.

Troy (La La Land): What does it say about Oregon and the Pac 12 in general if the Ducks lay 40+ on USC and win by more than two touchdowns?

Kevin Gemmell (2:54 PM): It says Oregon is really, really good. Don't think it's an indictment on the conference.

Rob (Portland): You, along with 5 Harris voters have had Oregon #1 in your rankings(you in the ESPN Power Poll-the only one there). Have the other voters not even watched Oregon play this season? Or are you 6 the only bright ones among you voters? (thanks btw!)

Kevin Gemmell (2:58 PM): I'm a little more surprised a couple of other voters haven't given the Ducks the top nod. I don't think I'm making any sort of statement -- it's really not that difficult of an argument to make. I guess I don't yield to the SEC dogma.

Mario (Tah): Mannion or Vaz? Which QB gives the Beav's their best shot of closing out the season with 1 more loss?

Kevin Gemmell (3:02 PM): I was a little surprised Riley pulled the trigger so quickly. When you look at quarterbacks at CenturyLink -- all of them have struggled (50 percent completion percentage, 165 yard average, 3 TDs, 7 ints). And that includes Katz, Barkley, Nunes and Mannion. But then again, Riley is the one in practices, poring over game film and ultimately this is what he thought was best for his team.