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Monday, June 17, 2013
Team rushing returning: Pac-12 South

By Kevin Gemmell

Ted spent much of the last two weeks looking at individuals from the league who are coming back. But what about from a team standpoint? As is always the case, we have to say goodbye to some folks who have graduated, departed early, transferred or simply chose to follow another path in life. What's left in the pantry?

Today we're going to take a look at what each team has coming back in terms of yards, attempts and touchdowns in the run game. We'll start with the Pac-12 South. "Team" carries are not taken into account looking ahead to 2013, but negative yards in 2012 are. Remember also that sacks are (for some redonkulous reason) counted as a rushing attempts.

Here's a reminder of how the teams ranked in the league in rushing offense last year:
  1. Oregon
  2. Arizona
  3. Arizona State
  4. UCLA
  5. California
  6. Stanford
  7. USC
  8. Washington
  9. Utah
  10. Oregon State
  11. Colorado
  12. Washington State

Here's what the teams in the Pac-12 South have coming back.

Arizona State

*Note: Colorado is interesting because Hirshman is the only player who carried last year who is off the roster, and he evened out with 60 rushing yards and 60 yards lost. Jordan Webb, Connor Wood and John Schrock accounted for minus-152 yards. The 20-yard differential is in minus-20 "team" yards, which aren't taken into account as returning yards.