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Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Grantland breaks down Spartans' defense

By Chantel Jennings

The Michigan State defense is a big, bad run-stopping, pass-blocking, interception-causing machine and everyone knows it. The Spartans' rise to the top of college football over the past few seasons has been very, very impressive and a big reason behind that are the minds of head coach Mark Dantonio and defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi, who've been coaching together for more than a decade.

Today on Grantland, Chris B. Brown broke down the Spartans' defense and what it needs to do to slow the prolific and impressive Oregon offense. It's incredibly well researched and informative and the Pac-12 blog is highly recommending this read for anyone who's planning to follow this game and the huge implications that are on the line for the College Football Playoff (meaning, all of you).
Against Oregon, all of Michigan State’s defensive principles will be tested. [Marcus] Mariota and the Ducks’ coaching staff have undoubtedly spent the summer devising ways to muddle the reads that Michigan State’s safeties, linebackers, and cornerbacks have to make. But that’s not going to scare the Spartans. Dantonio and Narduzzi have been doing this together for a decade-plus, and no matter the foe, they’ll play their brand of defense.

Read more here on how the two plan to stop the Ducks.