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Osu_beavs1987 from Corvallis, Ore., writes: You and Kevin have been promoting the QB battle at OSU which is understandable since Riley refuses to say who the starting QB will be and neither QB really had a remarkable spring. The whole time I have been an avid supporter that Sean Mannion will be starting QB in the fall. With Mannion being voted team captain does this make him a favorite for the job in your mind? Knowing he has the teams support should boost his confidence, and I'm betting he works hard because he doesn't want to let his team down either.

Ted Miller: Being tapped captain is one element in Mannion's favor, but keep in mind he was team captain in 2012 when he lost his starting job.

Perhaps players decisively favor Mannion over Cody Vaz. But some political sorts in the locker room might have wondered if it would have been more controversial -- and potentially divisive -- to take the job away from Mannion and hand it to Vaz. That would have been a stronger statement in terms of the players taking sides.

I'm a slight lean toward Mannion for three reasons. He's a junior and Vaz is a senior. Tie goes to the younger guy. He's got better upside due to his height (6-foot-5 versus 6-foot-1) and better arm strength. I saw Mannion at his best during a win at Arizona -- 433 yards, three touchdowns, no picks -- last year, and it was one of the best performances a Pac-12 quarterback turned in last fall.

But none of that means anything. Coach Mike Riley and his staff are going to play the guy they think gives them the best chance to win. That guy is likely to be the one who plays best in fall camp.

I think the best case is one of them decisively wins the job and keeps the job. The worry is the Beavers offense will again on a quarterback carousel, with Mannion and Vaz going round and round as the starter.

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Tuitea leads Sun Devils in weight room

May, 17, 2010
Arizona State's Toa Tuitea, a sophomore defensive tackle, has been named the Sun Devils' "Hard Hat Program Champion," which recognizes his work in the football program's strength and conditioning program.

He topped a list of 48 Sun Devils who were honored.

A news release from the school said the "Hard Hat Program was created to reward those individuals who do what's right in the weight room even when no one is looking ... a Hard Hat Player is someone who is self-motivated, a competitor, committed to personal and team excellence, dependable, accountable, disciplined and most importantly, puts the team first."

To become a Hard Hat Player, a player has to achieve a certain point total during winter workouts. He earns points based on his effort for strength training, speed development and conditioning sessions. They are also awarded points for competitive events and performing extra workouts in the "Blitz Package Program." Each athlete is evaluated after every workout by the sports performance staff with input from an athlete's position coach when applicable.

The list of the honored includes: Corey Adams, Derrall Anderson, George Bell, Omar Bolden, Jarrid Bryant, Mike Callaghan, Jonathan Clark, Chris Coyle, Dean DeLeone, Eddie Elder, Steven Figueroa, Evan Finkenberg, Clint Floyd, Garth Gerhart, Lawrence Guy, Jon Hargis, J.J. Holliday, Matt Hustad, Osahon Irabor, Patrick Jamison, Keelan Johnson, Brandon Johnson, Anthony Jones, Kyle Johnson, Cameron Kastl, Ronald Kennedy, Dan Knapp, Trevor Kohl, LeQuan Lewis, Shelly Lyons, Cameron Marshall, Shane McCullen, Jamal Miles, Bo Moos, James Morrison, Gerald Munns, Brock Osweiler, Aaron Pflugrad, Cole Rarrick, Jamarr Robinson, Andrew Sampson, Zach Schlink, Max Smith, Adam Tello, Steven Threet, Matthew Tucker and Thomas Weber.

Starters or key contributors who didn't make the list (for whatever reason, including injury or excused absence) include: linebacker Vontaze Burfict, receiver Gerell Robinson, receiver Kerry Taylor, defensive end James Brooks, defensive tackle Williams Sutton, defensive tackle Saia Falahola, defensive end Greg Smith and linebacker Brandon Magee.