Pac-12: Army

Pac-10 versus Big 12 game at Fiesta Bowl?

May, 18, 2010
Close your eyes: Imagine the Texas Longhorns versus the USC Trojans in September inside the climate-controlled University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. It has a retractable roof and the air conditioning kicks in when temperatures reach more than 100 degrees.

Who wouldn't watch that? Or want to attend the game in person?

Amid all the talk of Pac-10 expansion, conference championship games and increasing conference revenue, one often overlooked item is marquee, neutral-site games that would generate huge national interest -- and big paychecks from broadcast partners.

One question is where? But now there's an answer.

The Fiesta Bowl last week settled a lawsuit with the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority, the public entity that oversees University of Phoenix Stadium, Andrew Bagnato reported on his blog.

Writes Bagnato: "As part of the deal, AZSTA agreed to support the Fiesta Bowl in its efforts to stage occasional regular-season college football games at the retractable-roofed stadium. Fiesta Bowl Chairman of the Board Duane Woods said there would likely be 'no more than one game annually, but we are very excited that this can mean additional economic impact for our state and for AZSTA at a very critical time.'"

This is the sort of thing that would fit what Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott and his Big 12 counterpart Dan Beebe chatted about two weeks ago.

Last year, the Alabama-Virginia Tech game at the Georgia Dome launched the Crimson Tide's national title run. This year, Boise State and Virginia Tech meet in Washington D.C., with the same aspirations. Also, Army plays Notre Dame in Yankee Stadium and Oregon State faces TCU in Cowboys Stadium.

These games generate "extra" revenue over and above what an average nonconference game produces. "Extra" revenue is what every conference at present is obsessing about.

Here's a guess you'll see a Pac-10-Big 12 game hosted by the Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium in the very near future.

Kelly an armed forces volunteer

May, 18, 2010
Seeing that every misdeed in the state of Oregon this offseason got plenty ink, here's one for the good guys: Oregon's Chip Kelly not only is joining other coaches on an overseas tour of U.S. military installations this month, he volunteered for the mission.

According to the Eugene Register-Guard: "Kelly will travel Friday to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas, before heading overseas along with Army’s Rich Ellerson, Harvard’s Tim Murphy, Tommy Tuberville of Texas Tech and Ron Zook of Illinois. The first foreign stop will be at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, and Kelly said the tour will also take them to Iraq and Afghanistan."

The coaches, who will spend at least one night aboard a naval ship, not only chat with troops and sign autographs, they also will conduct "combine-style workouts" as well as coach a couple of flag football games, one of which will be the annual Under Armour Dust Bowl, which is Army vs. Air Force "with some Marines sprinkled in."

Guess here is that one might get fairly intense.

Kelly & Co. are scheduled to return to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on May 31, Memorial Day. They also may visit the White House.

Look at the Pac-10's bowl arrangements

September, 10, 2009

Posted by's Ted Miller

The Pac-10 has renewed its agreement with the Emerald Bowl through at least 2013.

The bowl, now in its eighth season in San Francisco, will match the Pac-10's No. 6 pick against top teams from the Western Athletic Conference, Navy and Army during the next four-year bowl cycle, starting in 2010.

The Pac-10 team's opponent will be the WAC's first, second or third-place teams in the years 2010 and 2013, with Army coming to San Francisco in 2011 and Navy in 2012.

So here's where the Pac-10 bowls presently stand.

Rose Bowl: Pac-10 No. 1 vs. Big Ten No. 1

Alamo Bowl: Pac-10 No. 2 vs. Big 12 (the deal hasn't been finalized but it's expected to be No. 3; Big 12 No. 2 goes to the Cotton Bowl)

Holiday Bowl: Pac-10 No. 3 vs. Big 12 (the deal hasn't been finalized but it's expected to be No. 5; Big 12 No. 4 is expected to go to the Insight Bowl)

Sun Bowl: Pac-10 No. 4 vs. ACC (either No. 4 or No. 5)

Las Vegas Bowl: Pac-10 No. 5 vs. Mountain West champ (or No. 2 if the champ earns a BCS bowl invitation)

Emerald Bowl: Pac-10 No. 6 vs. WAC Nos. 1, 2, or 3 or Army-Navy (WAC works with bowl to decide which conference team goes)

The Poinsettia Bowl will get the Pac-10's No. 6 team this year, but the bowl contract wasn't renewed.