Brent VanderVeen sticks around because he likes Oregon State

There's a lot of sanctimony in college football. Folks are sanctimonious about coaches making a bunch of money and the players not getting paid salaries above their scholarships for their hard work. Folks are sanctimonious about loyalty when recruits decommit, coaches bolt for other jobs, or players transfer.

Such sanctimony often has its roots in justifiable positions and feelings, but it just as often gets poured on a bit thick.

So we are reluctant to get sanctimonious about a college football player actually admitting that being a college football player entails more than football, such as enjoying college and, you know, growing up and learning.

Still, this is my favorite quote of the week, as told to The Oregonian from Oregon State's newly minted tight end Brent VanderVeen, who was a candidate to transfer after he learned he'd lost out in the Beavers' quarterback competition.

"I'm really comfortable here," VanderVeen said. "I'm almost done with school. I've got a great group of friends, great roommates. I just like everything. I like what the coaches are doing. I'm fired up about them.

"So I didn't want to leave, and I feel they're doing good things with the program."

In other words, instead of chasing snaps at another school -- likely an FCS program -- because his college experience was purely about football, he's continuing his fight for playing time at Oregon State because he loves Oregon State.

It might be quaint to think that's pretty cool. So call me Granddad and admire my mowing the lawn in black socks.

And guess what? While Oregon State is pretty solid at tight end, VanderVeen has flashed some potential.

"The sky's the limit on the direction he's heading," new coach Gary Andersen told The Oregonian. "... He catches the ball. He's a smooth runner. He's not afraid to be physical, to get his face up in there in the blocks and he's gonna gain momentum.

"It's a lot to say very early, but I'm very, very optimistic that he's gonna be a quality tight end in our program as we move forward."

As for that QB competition, it's ongoing between redshirt freshman Nick Mitchell and true freshman Seth Collins, but the passing offense had its best practice so far this spring on Tuesday.