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Pac-10 lunch links: California has a new kicker

September, 3, 2009

Posted by's Ted Miller

Being perfect is not about that scoreboard out there. It's not about winning. It's about you and your relationship with yourself, your family and your friends. Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn't let them down because you told them the truth. And that truth is you did everything you could. There wasn't one more thing you could've done. Can you live in that moment as best you can, with clear eyes, and love in your heart, with joy in your heart? If you can do that gentleman -- you're perfect!

A look at California's new depth chart

August, 29, 2009

Posted by's Ted Miller

California's depth chart will be distributed on Monday, but here's a look at some of the interesting changes from spring.

  • Nyan Boateng is now Marvin Jones' backup at Z receiver. He was the No. 1 X -- flanker -- coming out of spring.
  • Verran Tucker is No. 1 at the X.
  • The guards are Matt Summers-Gavin and Justin Cheadle. They were Mark Boskovich and Chet Teofilo after spring.
  • Anthony Miller is No. 1 at tight end because Tad Smith is out with a knee injury.
  • Brian Holley won the fullback job.
  • The depth chart doesn't list a slot receiver as it did before, when Alex Lagemann and Charles Satchell were Nos. 1 and 2. True freshman Isi Sofele is probably in the mix there.
  • The linebackers are Eddie Young and Mike Mohamed on the outside and D.J. Holt and Mychal Kendricks inside. Mohamed was inside after spring and Devin Bishop is now a backup inside after being No. 1 outside.
  • The starting secondary remains the same, but Jesse Brooks is a backup safety -- instead of D.J. Campbell --- and Josh Hill is Darian Hagan's backup instead of Chris Conte, who's now at safety.
  • Giorgio Tavecchio is the No. 1 kicker over David Seawright.
  • Syd'Quan Thompson is the No. 1 punt returner; Jahvid Best will return kicks.


Z 1 Marvin Jones (6-2, 190, So.)
   8 Nyan Boateng (6-2, 211, Sr.)

LT 79 Mike Tepper (6-7, 319, Sr.)
    53 Donovan Edwards (6-5, 285, Jr.)

LG 75 Matt Summers-Gavin (6-4, 291, RFr.)
    70 Mark Boskovich (6-4, 304, Jr.)

C 54 Chris Guarnero (6-2, 275, Jr.)
   65 Dominic Galas (6-1, 281, RFr.)

RG 61 Justin Cheadle (6-2, 299, So.)
    58 Chet Teofilo (6-3, 329, Sr.)

RT 72 Mitchell Schwartz (6-6, 317, So.)
    53 Donovan Edwards (6-5, 285, Jr.)

TE 80 Anthony Miller (6-3, 258, So.)
    83 Skylar Curran (6-4, 256, Sr.)

    45 Spencer Ladner (6-7, 253, RFr.)
    19 Jarrett Sparks (6-2, 230, RFr.)

X 86 Verran Tucker (6-1, 204, Sr.)
    3 Jeremy Ross (5-11, 216, Jr.)

QB 13 Kevin Riley (6-2, 221, Jr.)
     10 Brock Mansion (6-5, 237, So.)
      9 Beau Sweeney (6-2, 226, RFr.)

FB 33 Brian Holley (5-10, 235, Sr.)
     22 Will Kapp (5-10, 216, So.)

TB 4 Jahvid Best (5-10, 195, Jr.)
   34 Shane Vereen (5-10, 198, So.)


DE 44 Tyson Alualu (6-3, 295, Sr.)
     92 Trevor Guyton (6-3, 285, So.)

NG 76 Derrick Hill (6-2, 302, Jr.)
     96 Kendrick Payne (6-2, 300, RFr.)

DE 97 Cameron Jordan (6-4, 287, Jr.)
     95 Ernest Owusu (6-4, 268, So.)

OLB 9 Eddie Young (6-0, 239, Sr.)
     43 Charles Johnson (6-2, 232, Jr.)

ILB 3 D.J. Holt (6-1, 250, So.)
    55 Jerome Meadows (6-3, 240, Jr.)

ILB 30 Mychal Kendricks (6-0, 230, So.)
     10 Devin Bishop (6-1, 239, Sr.)

OLB 18 Mike Mohamed (6-3, 237, Jr.)
       47 Keith Browner (6-6, 268, Jr.)

CB 5 Syd'Quan Thompson (5-9, 191, Sr.)
   15 Bryant Nnabuife (6-1, 190, Jr.)

S 29 Marcus Ezeff (5-11, 219, Sr.)
   11 Sean Cattouse (6-2, 206, So.)

S 25 Brett Johnson (6-1, 194, Sr.)
   20 Jesse Brooks (5-11, 197, Sr.)

CB 26 Darian Hagan (6-0, 186, Jr.)
    23 Josh Hill (5-11, 194, RFr.)

Football & journalism: An athlete reports on Cal fundraising

July, 20, 2009

Posted by's Ted Miller

New rule on the Pac-10 blog: If you play football for a Pac-10 team and publish a story in the student newspaper, you get your own link.

California kicker David Seawright does a nice job here updating fans on the surprisingly strong performance of the "Endowment Seating Program," which is offering cushy, long-term, priority seating at Bears football games for a steep price -- $40,000 to $225,000 per seat.

The goal is to collect between $300 million and $325 million in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

And things are going well. Go figure.

While you were on vacation... California

July, 7, 2008

Posted by's Ted Miller

The third of 10 quick updates on off-season Pac-10 goings on.

California in a sentence:

  • While coach Jeff Tedford gave up play-calling duties in order to develop a better feel for his team's state of mind after last season's epic implosion, the 2008 Bears may be again headed for a middle-of-the-"Pac" finish due to youth and inexperience at many key areas.

The big question:

  • Cal went from No. 2 in the country to losing six of its final eight games. So was that merely a bizarre blip for the previously cruising Tedford juggernaut or a sign of larger problems that haven't been solved?

Quick hit news:

  • The best news of the offseason? It appears tailback Jahvid Best will be full-go this fall. Best, who was spectacular at times last year as a true freshman, suffered a hip injury that made many nervous about his eventual return -- or at least whether he'd need surgery.
  • Cal added kicker David Seawright to the roster. He'll be a walk-on, but he also is expected to immediately compete with Jordan Kay for the starting spot. At least, he'll offer a big leg on kickoffs.
  • Tedford told fans and the Contra Costa Times this summer that it's possible the quarterback competition between Nate Longshore and Kevin Riley will extend beyond the opener against Michigan State.
  • Are the Tree Sitters coming down so the $140 million sports training center can go up? It's appearing more and more likely that the project will go forward -- probably a prerequisite for keeping Tedford in Berkeley for the long term.
  • Cal is the latest team to change its uniforms to a funkier style. Hey, the kids dig it.