Pac-10 ranks third on draft day

Twenty-eight Pac-10 players were selected in the NFL draft over the weekend, which means the conference ranked third among BCS conference for producing draft picks per team.

(Note: A lot of sources are crediting the Pac-10 with 29 draft picks, but they are including tight end Fendi Onobun, who played basketball for Arizona but football for Houston last year).

While the Pac-10 beat the SEC the previous two years, the SEC produced 49 draft picks this go-around, an average of 4.08 per team, which was just under a player per team better than the Big Ten (3.09) and two players better than the Pac-10 (2.8).

While it's worthy of note that the Pac-10 averages 15.5 starters returning in 2010 while the SEC averages 14.25, any way you cut it, 49 draft picks is extraordinary.

Here's the list:

Some notes:

  • The Big 12 had nine picks in the first round, including five of the first six. The Pac-10 had 13 in the second and third round. Thirty of the SEC picks came in the first four rounds. The Big Ten had 10 in the seventh round.

  • USC may not have dominated the early rounds as usual but it still produced seven draft picks, which tied Alabama and Oklahoma for second among college programs. Florida produced nine draft picks to rank No. 1.

  • Utah led non-AQ teams with six draft picks.

  • Arizona State finished ninth in the Pac-10 in 2009 but it produced four draft picks, second best in the conference. Oregon, California, Stanford and UCLA produced three apiece. Washington and Arizona had two players drafted, Oregon State one. Washington State didn't have a player selected for the first time in 15 drafts.

  • Last year, 32 Pac-10 players were picked.