Pac-12: HBO

Kiffin is rich but not that rich

May, 19, 2010
While pinning down USC coach Lane Kiffin's and his dad, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin's, exact salary figures isn't possible unless the private school releases the contracts,'s Bruce Feldman took issue with the HBO Real Sports report that Lane Kiffin makes $4 million annually and his dad $2 million.

Writes Feldman: "I spoke to a source at USC. The report of the $4 million salary for Lane Kiffin isn't accurate, nor is Monte Kiffin making "around" $2 million. In fact, I'm told that Lane Kiffin is nowhere near that 4 mil mark."

It appears Feldman's "no way" reached ears at HBO. As Michael Lev of the Orange Country Register pointed out, the final edit on the story, which premiered Tuesday night, changed the qualifiers on both salaries. In the final version Lane Kiffin made "just under" $4 million while Monte Kiffin made "almost" $2 million.

Still, neither figures to show up in a line for a soup kitchen.

Kiffin makes more money than you do

May, 17, 2010
Fair to say USC didn't low-ball Lane Kiffin when it lured him away from Tennessee to give him his dream job.

In fact, the private school, which doesn't make coaching contracts public, is paying him $4 million a year -- nearly as much as it paid Pete Carroll -- according to a report on “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.”

Carroll was paid $4.4 million, and he won two national championships and seven Pac-10 titles.

However, let's make this note, made possible by this cost of living calculator: Kiffin made $2.375 million with the Volunteers. The cost of living in Los Angeles is 94.2 percent higher than in Knoxville, Tenn. Therefore, you would have to earn a salary of $4,613,309 to maintain your current standard of living if you made that cross-country move.

So, to be fair, Kiffin in some ways that do matter took a pay cut. (Those of us who've ever moved from the Southeast to the West Coast and suffered the "Are you freaking kidding me?" sticker shock know this is a valid point).

The HBO report also said that Kiffin's dad and defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin, makes “around” $2 million per year.

Michael Lev of the Orange County Register has more details here from the report by Andrea Kremer, which debuts Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT.