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St. Patrick's Day: Greenest units in the Pac-10

March, 17, 2009

Posted by's Ted Miller

Every Pac-10 team will be young somewhere... so what are the green units?

Arizona -- OT: Both starting tackles are gone, including potential NFL first-round pick Eben Britton. The four tackles on this spring two-deep roster have combined for only five starts, all by right tackle Adam Grant.

Arizona State -- QB: Combined starts of the five candidates to replace Rudy Carpenter at quarterback? Zero.

California -- TE: When Cameron Morrah, the Bears second-leading receiver in 2008, unexpectedly bolted a year early for the NFL draft, he left behind four combined receptions for backups Tad Smith, Anthony Miller and touted redshirt freshman Spencer Ladner.

Oregon -- DT: Both starting defensive tackles are gone and this unofficial depth chart shows 14 combine tackles for seven potential replacements.

Oregon State -- DE: Sackmasters Victor Butler and Slade Norris and their 41.5 combined sacks over the past two seasons are gone. Sophomore Kevin Frahm and senior Ben Terry, who split two sacks between themselves in 2008, are in.

Stanford -- K: Kicker Aaron Zagory is gone and either Travis Golia or David Green will take over, though neither has kicked a college field goal.

UCLA -- P: After four years of huge boots, punter Aaron Perez is gone. Redshirt freshmen Jeff Locke and Danny Rees will compete to replace him.

USC -- LB: All three starting linebackers, including All-Americans and future first-round draft choices Rey Maualuga and Brian Cushing, are gone. Chris Galippo, Malcolm Smith and Michael Morgan aren't exactly chopped liver, though.

Washington -- K-P: The Huskies need to replace both specialists with players who have no college experience.

Washington State -- TE: Devin Frischknecht and Ben Woodard, the top two guys on the 2008 depth chart, are gone and the expected replacement, JC transfer Peter Tuitupou, unexpectedly opted to go on a two-year church mission.

St. Patrick's Day: What does the Pac-10 envy?

March, 17, 2009

Posted by's Ted Miller

What does the Pac-10 envy from other conferences? Read on.

The Pac-10 envies ... the SEC in general: The SEC struggles against the Pac-10 head-to-head but the Pac-10 can't match the hype machine. The SEC is rolling in revenue and fan passion. It's got the nation's best television deals and bowl contracts. It pays its coaches more. It always tops the recruiting rankings. An SEC team seems to always get to play in the national title game even if its record is no better than a handful of other teams. It seems like the Pac-10 is inferior to the SEC in every way. Other than, you know, the football part of football.

The Pac-10 envies... the Big 12's quarterbacks: What in the name of Elway, Aikman, Palmer and Leinart is going on here? The Pac-10 is the "Conference of Quarterbacks"! How the heck did the ole, grind-it-out Big 12 take away that title? You turn away for just a few seconds and these fly-over states stop using the wishbone and start hurling the rock 50 times a game, making the Heisman Trophy a debate about Big 12 quarterbacks. Three Pac-10 teams rank among the nation's top 25 in rushing, but only one in passing, while seven Big 12 teams rank in the top-25 in passing -- including five of the top 10. What in the name of Barry Freaking Switzer is going on here?

The Pac-10 envies... other conference's cost of living: While Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State are in college towns, the other seven Pac-10 teams are located in urban areas, with California, Stanford, UCLA, USC and Washington located in cities that rank among the most expensive in the country. An assistant coach making $100,000 at Auburn needs to make $163,000 if he wants to keep pace at Stanford. That $4.4 million Pete Carroll makes at USC? He'd only need to get $2.7 million to maintain his cost of living in Norman, Okla.  



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