Pac-12: Todd Doxey

Pac-10 lunch links: Remembering Todd Doxey

July, 15, 2009

Posted by's Ted Miller

It is of interest to note that while some dolphins are reported to have learned English -- up to 50 words used in correct context -- no human being has been reported to have learned dolphinese.

Pac-10 Morning: WSU's Ahmu out for half vs. Cal

September, 5, 2008

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These links are trying to establish a running game.

  • Arizona wants to keep the number of people on the sideline manageable, which means some guys don't suit up. QB Willie Tuitama is searching for the perfect game. Toledo has some good receivers who should challenge the Wildcats CBs.
  • Arizona State is leaning on its freshman class, with nine in the playing rotation (out of a class of 20). Injured TB Keegan Herring (hamstring) and WR Michael Jones (Achilles) are improved, with Herring being the more questionable for the Stanford game.
  • California notes from Thursday's practice, with an injury update calling WR Michael Calvin and P Bryan Anger healthy and OT Mike Tepper not. Calvin should help the WRs, who mostly struggled against Michigan State.  Another step forward for building the California training facility.
  • Oregon faces a team with no hope, and it only cost $235,000 to lure the Utah State Aggies to their demise. CB Walter Thurmond III will wear the No. 29 jersey in tribute to former Ducks DB Todd Doxey, who drowned this summer. A look at potential QB combinations for both teams.
  • Rachel Bachman takes a look at Penn State legend -- and presently divisive figure -- Joe Paterno. With two starting Penn State D-linemen suspended, the Beavers O-line has a chance to shine.
  • Stanford's already struggling secondary is down a top reserve for its visit to Arizona State.
  • UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel wasn't thrilled with the effort in practice. And that's not good because there are injury holes to fill, including at running back. The freshmen are helping on defense. WR Nelson Rosario sprained his knee at practice Thursday.
  • USC's WRs have always been talented, but now they seem to be performing. True freshman OL Tyron Smith and redshirt freshman RB Broderick Green are trying to get into the mix. Speaking of Green, I wish I saw this hit on Rey Maualuga. Trojans are thinking about Buckeyes.
  • Washington -- and beleaguered coach Tyrone Willingham -- are looking for a turning point that doesn't turn sour. How much will the Huskies gain from week one to week two? Willingham talks about how the Huskies might attack BYU. Remembering 1984, when BYU won a "national championship" and a clearly superior Washington team didn't.
  • Washington State will play California without its best D-lineman, A'i Ahmu, for a half. Ahmu is suspended after missing a court date over minor in possession charges. Injuries are preventing OL continuity.

Afternoon musings: Chung pays tribute to fallen teammate

August, 27, 2008

Posted by's Ted Miller

Don't put your game face on just yet. Read these links, then do so.

  • Maybe Arizona's 2008 recruiting class was better than the pundits projected. 
  • Most news conferences are boring, but Arizona State QB Rudy Carpenter sometimes can be fairly interesting.
  • Oregon rover Patrick Chung will wear the No. 29 jersey this fall in honor of late teammate Todd Doxey, who drowned this summer.
  • Four players who will make a difference in the Oregon State-Stanford tilt. Previously, Paul Buker wondered if it might not be the Beavers' offensive line that determines the outcome.
  • It's Tavita Pritchard time at Stanford.
  • Chris Forcier is being challenged as UCLA's backup QB. Tennessee is hoping to Chow down.
  • USC tailback C.J. Gable says, "Why not?" to national title talk. Should USC fans be concerned about LB Brian Cushing's left wrist?
  • Jerry Brewer celebrates the return of Washington center Juan Garcia from what was once thought a career-ending foot injury. Huskies new defensive coordinator Ed Donatell probably knows his D is going to have its hands full with Oregon. Jim Moore, meanwhile, gets the Huskies to imitate coach Tyrone Willingham -- and there's video!
  • Wonder if Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy will do anything interesting after the Washington State game? He might want to check out Brandon Gibson. He's a man, too.

The head Duck: Mike Bellotti video

August, 5, 2008

Posted by's Ted Miller

The Eugene Register-Guard put together some video from coach Mike Bellotti's press conference. Watch this and experience the excitement of a news conference.

What's covered:

  • Pays tribute to defensive back Todd Doxey, who drowned last month.
  • Recalls the ups and downs of last season.
  • Talks about preseason No. 20 ranking, calls it "positive pressure."
  • Discusses replacing QB Dennis Dixon. Nate Costa takes first rep; Justin Roper the second.
  • Praises the offensive line.
  • Dashes off so he doesn't have to suffer through the typical "press conference after the press conference," when print reporters want to ask the important questions without TV guys getting it on video.

Pac-10 Morning: Cal wins case, UCLA's Lockett suspended

July, 23, 2008

Posted by's Ted Miller

Welcome to Pac-10 Media Eve. Wonder what we'll find under the CoachSpeak Tree?

  • It appears the Tree Sitters now must Stand and Walk Away -- California has won it's court case. Now, the question is: Will the appeals process further delay the building of the $140 million athletic training center? And are all these complications making coach Jeff Tedford's eyes wander?
  • The news at UCLA: The school confirms strong safety Bret Lockett's suspension for the season-opener against Tennessee and also announces that reserve tailback Christian Ramirez is academically ineligible.
  • Oregon begins the healing process after the drowning death of defensive back Todd Doxey. Bet some of these guys have never looked forward so much to two-a-days.
  • Quick update here on Oregon State QB Sean Canfield's shoulder. Sounds like there's some work ahead as he prepares to challenge Lyle Moevao and regain his starting job.
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Molly Yanity checks in with Jake Locker, who explained, among other things, why so few players were at the workout Yanity attended this week. Locker then turned the water Yanity was drinking into Gatorade... and when Yanity protested that she liked water better, he changed it back. True story.
  • Meanwhile, The Seattle Times' Bob Condotta reports on a radio interview with Huskies offensive coordinator Tim Lappano, who taught Locker that trick. Lappano talks about the Huskies lack of recruiting commitments and need to win now.
  • The new and improved Orange County Register USC blog has been ranking the Pete Carroll years. Which is No. 1? So many choices!
  • Meanwhile, over on the UCLA side of things: Bruins Nation is engaging in some local media criticism. More here.
  • Oregon is starting an official blog. And Andy McNamara sure gets a better graphic and photo deal than I did. My bosses, by the way, air-brushed my image to make me uglier and more football-writer-ish.
  • Do you dream of Pac-10 expansion? Dan Zeiger says you should stop
  • One fellow's take on the top 10 Heisman blunders of all-time, complete with who should have won.
  • John McCain believes in Arizona State (thanks to Pitchfork Nation).
  • The Wizard of Odds, Tom Kirkendall and Google Earth take us on a tour of Pac-10 stadiums.

Posted by's Ted Miller

Stuff for your drive home. But, please, don't read and drive.

  • Washington State football coach Paul Wulff will throw out the ceremonial first pitch tonight at scenic Safeco Field with the Red Sox in Seattle to hammer, er, play the hapless Mariners. First pitch is scheduled for 7:10 p.m. (PST). Wulff also will chat with Fox Sports Northwest's Brad Adam during the pre-game show, an interview I'm sure Adam is looking forward to considering how dour and unhappy the Ms clubhouse is (hey, I can be snarky about this because I suffered through commenting on this franchise for a few years). Wulff follows WSU hoops coach Tony Bennett, who threw out the first pitch for an Mariners game on June 8, 2006.
  • A report from Todd Doxey's funeral. The former Oregon defensive back drowned on July 13 and was buried in San Diego Monday.
  • Conquest Chronicles frets over USC's underachieving receivers. Two thoughts on this: 1.) No question this much talent should have done more last year; 2.) I have a hunch so strong I'm tempted to call it an iron-clad lock that the Trojans receivers will finish 2008 as good as any unit in the nation. Why? Because the group will combine experienced vets (Patrick Turner, Vidal Hazelton) with talented and hungry youngsters/newcomers (frosh Brice Butler, transfer Damian Williams, sophomore Ronald Johnson). In other words, produce or get out of the way -- that's how USC did things in 2003, 2004 and 2005, when young players opted not to act their age. Oh, and toss QB Mark Sanchez's often painful experiences last year -- that will pay off in 2008.
  • Are you just DYING to see UCLA's new media guide cover? Of course you are, so LA Daily News writer Brian Dohn obliges. Guess who's on the cover? Wrong. A few of the comments are fairly amusing. Can't we all just get along?
  • Missed this before: Molly Yanity looks into how the Washington Huskies coaches spend their offseason. The short answer: Working. But Molly does a nice job of breaking down the month-to-month.
  • What happens when the Spokesman Review of Spokane, WA., asks its readers to do a Pac-10 preseason poll? Well, for one, Washington finishes last and the Cougars don't.
  • And here's a different take on the Pac-10 poll from the Orange County Register.
  • Rob Moseley has confirmed rumors of a new video scoreboard being built at Autzen Stadium. Apparently, Oregon was worried it was falling behind in the facilities race (ha ha). Here's a droll observation:

"I don't know the exact specifications yet; Oregon State's year-old scoreboard is 30 feet by 120 feet and billed as largest in the Pac-10, and I don't think the area of Oregon's new one will beat that. [UPDATE (4:05 p.m.): According to Joe Palmer, executive producer at OSN, the new screen is 33 feet by 89 feet. Although OSU's total scoreboard is bigger, it sounds like Oregon's actual video screen is bigger. Paging Dr. Freud ...]"

More thoughts on Oregon's Todd Doxey

July, 16, 2008

Posted by's Ted Miller

George Schroeder of the Register-Guard in Eugene, Ore., does a fine job here of describing the scene at the memorial service for Oregon redshirt freshman Todd Doxey, who drowned over the weekend.

This really hit me from Schroeder's column:

Will Wallace, another close friend and teammate, told of sitting in a dorm room with Doxey "talking about life and how you can't take nothing for granted. Wallace stopped short, and when he started again, his voice quivered: "We can't take nothing for granted now, because he's gone.

Wallace was at the river and apparently was the last person to speak to Doxey.

Wallace was standing next to Doxey just before he leaped off the Marcola Road bridge. On Tuesday evening, Wallace told how Doxey turned to him and said, "Let's say a prayer real quick." When they finished, Doxey told his friend: "God is on my side."

And he jumped.

I get a feeling that Wallace is going to need a lot of patience and support over the coming weeks.


Pac-10 morning: Former ASU coach Bruce Snyder has cancer

July, 16, 2008

Posted by's Ted Miller

 I love the smell of links in the morning...

  • Former Arizona State coach Bruce Snyder, 68, is fighting cancer.
  • UCLA has issues on its offensive line, and it's already trying to address them, according to the LA Daily News. Redshirt freshman tight end Nate Chandler is moving from tight end to right tackle, where he could immediately compete to fill the void left by the injured Sean Sheller, who got hurt in an ATV accident this summer. Chandler will need to eat some biscuits in coming weeks -- he only tips the scales at 273 pounds. I'd suggest the country fried steak & eggs at Denny's.
  • Some more thoughts on the sad death of Oregon's Todd Doxey here and here. Here's information on a memorial fund.
  • Here's some sympathetic musing on how Washington's Tyrone Willingham faces a brutal schedule in a win-or-else season.
  • The LA Times USC blog has information on how you can fulfill all your USC fantasies and help a good cause at the same time.
  • There's a new guy on Stanford's broadcast team. Former Cardinal QB Todd Husak will join Dave Flemming in the radio booth.
  • The Oklahoman takes a look at an Oklahoma State opponent... Washington State and new coach Paul Wulff. It points out that Wulff is both a man and recently turned 41. Now why would that be of note?
  • Hey... the OFFICIAL Pac-10 web site is getting all previewy... today it's Arizona State. Tomorrow, perhaps, the world. This is for you, Arizona fans. Cal, my guess is you're next due to my knowledge of the alphabet.
  • Speaking of Arizona... Bleacher Report -- Citizen Sports Journalists -- has a Q&A with the Wildcats director of football operations Erick Harper.

Pac-10 morning: Commissioners don't foresee playoff

July, 15, 2008

Posted by's Ted Miller

Please, read these responsibly...

  • More details of the tragic drowning death of Oregon redshirt freshman Todd Doxey.
  • Washington's Jake Locker is back to being just a dual-threat QB -- his baseball season is over.
  • Scott Wolf's informative, gossipy, edgy USC blog for the LA Daily News has been overtaken this summer by a "Song Girl" controversy. You can read his blog for details, but suffice it to say that the subject has taken on a life of its own, surpassing football as the hottest topic.
  • This columnist thinks college football's insane ride, which the Pac-10 fueled by sending three teams to No. 2 in the nation (and watching two of them go belly-up), is a sign of things to come and 2008 could be just as wild.
  • If you are a college football fan with an Internet connection -- particularly if you've got a West Coast lean -- you've surely regularly checked in on The Wizard of Odds. The Web site's publisher goes public today with his identity because he was among the layoffs at the LA Times. As you are probably aware, the newspaper business is struggling. I'm new media now, but I can't help but find that very sad.
  • Conference commissioners chat with the Orlando Sentinel about a potential playoff. Survey says: NAAAAAAAAA!
  • Even being a backup linebacker at USC has its privileges, including a four-year, $2 million contract.
  • Many questions remain for Pat Tillman's family, and they are unhappy about how they can't seem to get any answers.
  • Two of the nation's three female athletic directors in BCS conferences run Pac-10 departments -- Arizona State's Lisa Love and California's Sandy Barbour (the third is Maryland's Debbie Yow). Love and Yow did a Q&A with USA Today on their experiences. Got a feeling folks down in Tempe presently have plenty of love for Love after a mostly spectacular athletic year.
  • Here's another way to debate which conference is the best.
  • Warning: hoops note. DeMar DeRozan is De-Ready to play for the Trojans. USC officials have cleared him academically to join the team immediately. Interesting paragraph in the LA Times story:

The development also muted rumors DeRozan would follow former Compton Dominguez High standout Brandon Jennings to play professionally in Europe. Awaiting his own SAT result, Jennings opted last week to forgo a season at Arizona before his expected 2009 entry into the NBA draft.

Pac-10 Morning: USC investigations, chocolate milk and more

July, 14, 2008

Posted By's Ted Miller

Sure everyone had a weekend for the ages... For your consideration:

  • The LA Times asks the NCAA to explain -- in a general sense, without case particulars of course -- why it's taking so long to get a resolution in the Reggie Bush/USC case ... and, of course, the story comes with some Mayo. Many who don't regularly bellow "Fight on!" would love to see USC go down in flames, or at least believe the athletic program deserves something more than a slap on the wrist. This paragraph touches on a simple but pertinent point:

The Bush and Mayo cases epitomize an increasingly common situation, the NCAA chasing after marketers, financial consultants and runners, the shadowy figures who represent sports agents. This isn't like a coach handing over cash. These people operate on the fringe of college sports, where NCAA investigators have no subpoena power and no legal recourse against those who might lie.

USC's defense could be: plausible deniability. It could lean on the idea that this was not a "pay for play" scheme, and that those providing the extra benefits didn't represent the university or its interests.

However, the Times pointed out that escape won't necessarily be that easy:

Even if no one at USC provided extra benefits, the school could face penalties if investigators find a "lack of institutional control." The definition of institutional control is not as cut-and-dried as it is with other violations. Price talks about needing to "weigh the circumstances."

The package also includes a story on agent runners and an overview of the Bush/Mayo cases.

  • This is sad. Oregon redshirt freshman Todd Doxey, a 19-year-old safety, drowned Sunday on the McKenzie River. Here's something from Rob Moseley's blog that includes a statement from the school.
  • It didn't get them to a bowl game last year but Washington is still drinking its chocolate milk.
  • But it's not all chocolate milk and cake for the Huskies. The Seattle P-I reports on the sweat part of the UW off-season. This stood out:

This offseason, for example, the theme is "fourth quarter" and Greener's work is geared toward making sure the players aren't fatigued late in games. The Huskies yielded 139 fourth-quarter points last season -- an average of 10.7 per game.

  • Arizona State beat out UCLA, Washington and Washington State for a tight end recruit.
  • A UCLA linebacker is hurting but Josh Edwards should be ready for preseason camp, according to the LA Daily News.
  • Heisman Pundit looks at the 10 games that will be most telling in the Heisman race.
  • This story is about Hawaii's mindblowing travel expenses, but my guess is more than a few programs are feeling the bite of high travel prices, particularly on the spacious West Coast. It's certainly a lot more pricey to travel in the Pac-10 than the SEC.
  • Some of you might be wondering what's going on with former California and Washington coach Keith Gilbertson... here's an update.
  • Dance, Trojans! Dance! And shout, too.... A USC recruiting ritual on YouTube.

I dance like that after 32 ounces of coffee....