Young fan frets quarterback transition at Oregon


This Oregon fan has a strong opinion about who he wants to be the Ducks starting quarterback this fall, and it's likely his thinking isn't too far from the norm among the fan base.

"I want Marcus Mariota to come back," he explains.

The youngster then gets a little upset. One suspects that even adult Oregon fans feel pretty much the same way, even if they are better at avoiding tears. At least on video.

This then got me to thinking and remembering and, of course, when you mention Oregon football, it doesn't take too long to think of Alabama football.

Why? Because so many folks would love to see this matchup and have talked about this matchup for years, only to see one team or the other screw things up by losing.

But it's also clear that Oregon fandom has reached that infectious and emotionally overwrought point that is passed down through the generations -- a seeming genetic mutation -- something that has distinguished Alabama football for years.

In fact, our young Oregon fan here reminded me of a video of some Alabama fans from a few years back, apparently unhappy with their son's behavior at the mall, threatening him with a fate worse than a long timeout.

"I'm going to put you in the Auburn store," momma says.

The youngster, to say the least, is chagrinned.

In conclusion, we at ESPN entirely approve of you starting them young.