Foles has a different act to follow this week

PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles quarterback Nick Foles may have a tough time following his seven-touchdown performance in Oakland Sunday. That still beats having to follow his previous start.

“That Dallas game, I wasn’t accurate,” Foles said after practicing Tuesday. “I got out of whack in that game.”

He also got whacked in that. It was perhaps underplayed that Foles’ remarkable game Sunday came two weeks after he was knocked out of a game with a concussion. He missed a week of practice and the Eagles’ loss to the New York Giants before he could return to the practice field and work out whatever issues plagued him against the Cowboys.

“I was fortunate to get healthy and be able to play,” Foles said. “I really went back and studied that film and saw what I did. After I watched it, I felt good because I knew that it was all correctable. It wasn’t, oh, I can’t do it anymore. It was, I can correct that.”

Mission accomplished. Foles said after the Eagles’ 49-20 victory that he hadn’t set aside anything as a souvenir. The folks at the Pro Football Hall of Fame have a different approach. They asked for Foles’ cleats, jersey and a game ball.

“That’s a great honor,” Foles said. “Last year, the rookie draft picks were fortunate enough to go to the Hall of Fame. It was really neat to see all the memorabilia there, all the great players. It’s pretty special.”

He may have a place in Canton, Ohio, but Foles does not yet have an official place at the top of coach Chip Kelly’s depth chart. Michael Vick remains sidelined by a hamstring injury, so Foles is preparing to start against Green Bay Sunday.

But Kelly hasn’t said anything definitive, and Foles is fine with that.

“Like I said before, I approach every day like I’m the starter in my mind,” Foles said. “No matter what situation I’m in, that won’t change. If I play a good game or a bad game, I’m going to stay the same and move forward. You can always get better. Especially now. We played a good game, so teams are going to be focusing on that and trying to stop it.”

Foles’ bad game against Dallas came after a very good game against Tampa Bay. So he has shown he can bounce back from a down week. He has yet to show Kelly he can bounce back and have two consecutive strong games.

That’s a major factor in handing a quarterback the keys to your offense, and Foles knows it.

“Consistency,” Foles said. “Defenses are going to adjust. They get the game film we just watched. They saw what we did well and they’re going to try to take that away. The thing is the ability to play the game and adapt when the game’s going on, to know you studied film all week on this and they came out in different coverage. How are you going to react to it? Is it going to fluster you or are you going to be able to flourish because you’re prepared and you know where to go with the ball?”

If that’s what went awry against Dallas, Foles wasn’t saying. He was not able to get his game going through three quarters in that lackluster loss. But he came back against Oakland and turned in a performance that got their attention in Canton.

“It was just a bad day, and then I had a good day,” Foles said. “It was as simple as that.”