Eagles still on shrinking No-Supe list

PHILADELPHIA – The Seattle Seahawks became the 19th NFL franchise to win at least one Super Bowl. That shortened the list of franchises without a Super Bowl title to 13.

The Philadelphia Eagles, of course, are one of the unlucky 13. The Eagles have been to two Super Bowls, after the 1980 and 2004 seasons, and lost them both. The won three NFL titles in the pre-Super Bowl era, the most recent in 1960.

That puts the misery level of Eagles fans somewhere between those of the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns, who are among the franchises never even to appear in a Super Bowl, and fans of the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings, who each have four Super Bowl losses without a win.

The Eagles’ 0-for-48 streak is especially painful because of the division they play in. The NFC East has produced more Super Bowl champions than any other division in the league. Washington (three), Dallas (five) and the New York Giants (four) combined have accounted for 25 percent of all Super Bowl victories.

The no-Supe list isn’t easy to escape. In the last 10 years, only two franchises have managed the feat, the Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints. The city of Indianapolis earned its first Lombardi Trophy eight seasons ago, but the Colts franchise had one from its days in Baltimore.

All of this makes the Eagles’ close calls from a decade ago that much more painful. Under head coach Andy Reid, the Eagles lost three consecutive NFC championship games. They were home favorites in two of them. After beating Atlanta -- another no-Supe franchise -- in 2004, the Eagles lost to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX.

At the time, it seemed hard to believe they would never get back. The Eagles came close again, losing the NFC title game to Arizona after the 2008 season, but they have not won a playoff game since.

Of the teams on the no-Supe list, the Eagles, Carolina Panthers, San Diego Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals were in the playoffs this season. That puts them among the Supe-less teams with the best chance to erase their names from that list in the next year or two.

The odds released Monday by online sports book Bovada reflect that. The Seahawks were the immediate favorites to win the Super Bowl next year at 9/2 odds -- even though no team has repeated since the 2003-2004 Patriots. San Francisco was next at 15/2.

The Eagles were one of five teams bunched together at 25/1 odds. Atlanta, Carolina and Cincinnati were the other no-Super teams with those odds. Chicago was also at 25/1. A total of six teams had better odds than the Eagles.