Reynolds learning the ropes of NFL life

PHILADELPHIA -- The past two weeks have been a whirlwind for Ed Reynolds.

It's only going to get more hectic from here.

Reynolds, who was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fifth round of the recently-held NFL draft, is embracing everything.

Reynolds just completed a three-day rookie minicamp with the Eagles, but he won't rejoin his team until a mandatory minicamp from June 17-19. That’s because Reynolds is traveling back to Stanford, where he will graduate on June 15.

“I’ll be able to have the playbook with me and get those mental reps now and while I’m away from the team,” said Reynolds, a hard-hitting safety. “The physical reps I can do right now and get as many as I can just because it’s muscle memory, going out there and making sure I’m doing my assignment, aligning correctly and just going out there and playing football. All of our meetings are pretty much podcasted on our iPads, so I just have to make sure I stay up with that and also being able to have any questions answered by them. Then, physically, just making sure I stay in shape and continue to work on my (defensive back) stuff to make sure that when I come back, I’m not too far behind.”

Reynolds' father, Ed, played linebacker in the NFL for 10 seasons and later was employed in the league office.

“He just told me to be a professional," Reynolds said. “This game is something special, it doesn't last forever, so just go out every day and pick something that you need to work on, focus in on it and make sure that you carry yourself in a way that you’re a professional out there because it’s your livelihood.”

When Reynolds was younger, his father would bring him to Giants training camp in Albany, N.Y.

Fast forward to now and Ed Reynolds will be participating in Eagles training camp, looking to solidify a spot on the roster.

“I’m just here to learn, get better and do whatever they ask me to do,” Reynolds said. “I’m not worried about anything but making the team right now.”