A look at rookie free agent Henry Josey

Henry Josey remains a longshot to earn a coveted roster spot with the Philadelphia Eagles.

If that happens, it will be a fascinating story. Josey had a horrific knee injury in 2011 that sidelined him until last season. Despite posting impressive numbers at the NFL combine this spring, all 32 teams passed on the 5-foot-8 running back from Missouri.

The Philadelphia Daily News' Les Bowen wrote a profile on the free agent who signed with the Eagles after the draft. Josey had some very interesting comments on his recovery. Here's a sample of what he said to Bowen:

On remembering anyone who returned to play after suffering a torn ACL, MCL, patellar tendon, meniscus and cartilage and having nerve damage as well: "I don't think anybody. I never would wish it on anybody, either, because it was mentally hard for me to get there. If somebody has gone through it, I pray for 'em, because it's something you shouldn't go through in all your life."

On having his surgically repaired left knee examined at the NFL Scouting Combine: "I came in, it felt like the place just shut down. Every doctor would get up to check my knee out … They were surprised at how great my knee looked, how stable it was. How was I even able to do that? I got pats on the back, smiles. Every single team was there, and every single team looked at my knee."

On rehabbing his knee following the injury in November of 2011: "Waking up every day, knowing that you're going to be in pain that day. And that you're going to go through something that's possibly going to make you cry or make you want to give up. The [rehab] can make you hate people ... you can see the expression on their face, like, 'My gosh, we're putting him through this, but we have to do it.' I'd eat breakfast there, I'd eat lunch there, I'd even take a nap there during the day. They'd take me back and forth to my classes ... I had a lot of time to think about my life in general, how I wanted to look at things."

On being patient: "I'm always prepared. I'm in a great fit now."