Logan thinks added weight will help him

Bennie Logan gained about 10 pounds in the offseason.

It's just what he needed.

Now weighing between 317 and 319 pounds, Logan believes he'll be that much more effective as a nose tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles this season.

"Most people, when they picture a nose tackle, they picture a 330-plus guy, just clogging up the middle," Logan told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "But the way we play our defense, you've got to be able to run. And I don't feel I'd be able to run or do the things our coaches, in our scheme, require us to do. That's why I'm not 330, or put on that much weight."

The Inquirer noted that Logan weighed 309 after being selected by the Eagles in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft. As last season advanced so did Logan's playing time. He was on the field for 41.5 snaps per game over the last eight, according to the Inquirer.

Logan is looking for an even bigger role this season.

"I'll be playing more snaps this year, that was the main thing," Logan told the Inquirer. "I wanted to put on weight to be able to sustain a longer season and try to see how things go."