Officials must keep up with Eagles offense

Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense electrified the NFL last season.

It also caused a ripple effect that carried down to the league’s officials.

NFL.com reported that the league’s officials must be ready physically to handle the high-octane offenses such as the one run by the Philadelphia Eagles.

NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent, a former Eagles defensive back, cited the Eagles when discussing this trend.

“As the game evolves, we also must make sure that (the officials) are evolving as well,” Vincent told NFL.com. “You see the likes of coach Kelly and that high-tempo offense. They're running rapid plays. The ball needs to be spotted rapidly, and we want to make sure that our officials are now also evolving to that pace of our game.”

The Eagles averaged 2:08 in time of possession on touchdown drives last season, the fastest mark in the NFL. The Minnesota Vikings were second (2:32), followed by the New England Patriots (2:36). The Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars were tied for fourth at 2:47.