David Molk is this year's feel-good story

There are always feel-good stories during training camp.

David Molk is this year’s version.

The backup center for the Philadelphia Eagles, who was considered a long shot to earn a roster spot, seems to be in line to make the final 53.

Molk was selected in the seventh round by the San Diego Chargers in 2012 and spent the entire '13 season out of the NFL.

The Eagles signed him in January of this year.

Wise move.

“It's worked out well for me,” Molk told Philadelphiaeagles.com. “This is a system that I'm made for. It's something that I can thrive in. If I didn't play well here, in this system, I would get the feeling that I should just hang 'em up. This is the kind of place where I can be successful. I enjoy it. I enjoy every day and every play we run and it's fun for me.”

Since Julian Vandervelde was injured and later waived, Molk’s chances of finding his way onto the final roster have increased.

“I'm looking forward to playing,” Molk told Philadelphiaeagles.com. “There's nothing like it for me. I'm going to have fun and go out and do the best I can. The rest of it, I think it's a stressful time right now for a lot of guys it can be. I have experienced it before and I realized that there's no reason to be nervous. If you're nervous you're going to alter your decisions and alter your mindset. I'm going to relax and play. It's just a game.”