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Friday, May 30, 2014
Odds don't favor Steelers turnaround

By Scott Brown

The oddsmakers at Bovada don’t like the Pittsburgh Steelers' chances of making significant improvement in 2014.

The online sports book set the Steelers’ over/under win total for 2014 at 8.5 following consecutive 8-8 seasons.

First: Breathe, people. Second, we are still more than three months away from the start of the regular season, so these odds are nothing more than something to talk about and debate.

Since the Steelers are undefeated right now, I will stick with my optimistic projection of 10 wins in 2014.

Bet on this at your own risk, but there are plenty of reasons to think the Steelers will go over 8.5 wins. Among them:
Too optimistic? Perhaps, and here is what could go wrong:
Here is how the Steelers compare with their division rivals, according to Bovada:

Over/under win totals
Bengals: 9
Steelers: 8.5
Ravens: 8.5
Browns: 6.5

Odds to win the AFC North
Bengals: 2-1
Steelers: 2-1
Ravens: 5-2
Browns: 5-1