How much did replacement refs cost?

We all know how much credibility the replacement refs cost the NFL. But how much did it actually cost the league?

There were a total of 135 replacement officials hired. Seventeen of them were head referees and were paid $3,500 for each game ($28,000, including four preseason games and payment for this week, even though they won't work). The rest of the crews, which included 94 officials, were paid $3,000 a game or $24,000 for the eight games.

Then there were 24 alternates, who were paid $2,000 a game, for a total of $16,000 per alternate ref.

That's $3,116,000, and that doesn't even account for clinics the leagues put them through, the $2.5 million bonus they gave the regular referees upon returning and the concessions the league had to make on officials' pensions.