The TMQ all-haiku NFL preview returns!

Kurt Snibbe/ESPN.com

On Brett Favre's helmet

beer falls, and the cup crumples.

Sideline in autumn.

So began the very first Tuesday Morning Quarterback, a dozen seasons ago. In the intervening years, these trends have held:

• Each year the asides wander farther afield.

• Each year the readership grows larger.

• Each year the jokes don't get any better.

• And each year begins with America's original all-haiku NFL season predictions. Here they are for 2012.

AFC East

They fear scripture verse:

"There were Giants in the Earth."

The New England Pats.

Forecast finish: 11-5

Big Apple has eight

million pagans, plus Tebow.

The Jersey/B Jets.

Forecast finish: 9-7

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