Knicks leak own uniform prior to unveiling

The Knicks will officially unveil their new uniforms on Thursday. But they seem to have been doing everything possible to make the unveiling irrelevant, because by now everyone knows what the uniforms will look like.

The first leaks came a few weeks ago via some video-game screen shots, which showed that the Knicks were finally dropping the black trim from the road uniform and going with some truncated striping around the shoulders. It also appeared that the "New York" chest insignia wasn't as deeply arched as before. Then all of those changes were confirmed by an anonymous team source, although nobody would say anything on the record.

Now, a day in advance of the unveiling, the Knicks aren't even bothering to play coy anymore. This morning they sent Amare Stoudemire to appear on "Live!" with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, and everyone was wearing the new home jersey.

So they've eliminated all the black and all the side piping, which is great -- addition by subtraction. Not in love with the partial striping on the shoulders, but it's not awful. The big downer is the straighter lettering on the chest, which doesn't have as much pizzazz as the more deeply arched version.

As for the unveiling tomorrow, I was going to attend it, but now I think I won't bother. If the Knicks don't care enough to make their unveiling event newsworthy, why should anyone else?