Join my fantasy non-fantasy league!

September, 7, 2012
Ben RoethlisbergerChris Humphreys/US PresswireBen Roethlisberger is one of the best players on the board in fantasy non-fantasy football.
This is incredibly late notice, but: Anyone want to be in my fantasy football league?

Here's the format:

• No complaining about the trend of teams using two running backs.

• If a Sunday night or Monday night game is a blowout in the second half, you just go to bed instead of forcing yourself to stay up to see how your fantasy guys do.

• You don't stress over bye weeks.

• You don't have to pay attention to teams like the Browns, Rams and Jaguars simply because they have good fantasy running backs.

• You have to believe Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are elite quarterbacks because they win Super Bowls, instead of thinking they're second-tier guys because they don't put up gaudy numbers.

• You don't root for any players to fail or suffer game-ending injuries.

• Week 17 is not pointless. Instead it means quite a lot.

• Linemen exist.

The winner is determined by whether your favorite team wins the Super Bowl. If it does, you're happy and don't care about anything else.

This is a fantasy non-fantasy football league. You simply watch the NFL for the enjoyment of watching football and rooting on your favorite team. It's so crazy it just might catch on.



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