San Antonio Spurs embrace minimalism

The San Antonio Spurs will wear these alternates in their first home game next season. San Antonio Spurs

Is minimalism becoming the new theme of NBA uniform design?

Could be. The Nets' new uniforms, slated to be revealed at the end of September, are expected to be a very simple design rendered in black and white. And now the Spurs have unveiled a new alternate uniform that arguably looks more like a practice uni.

Personally, I'm a "less is more" guy, so I'm generally fine with minimalist designs, although this one is really pushing it. The most interesting thing about it is that the jersey doesn't include the team name or the city name (or even the city nickname, a trend that's become increasingly popular in the NBA lately).

Imagine if other teams did this -- picture a Celtics jersey with a big shamrock on the front, or a Pacers jersey with their iconic "P" logo, or a Heat jersey with the flaming ball going through the hoop.

It's not clear if any of those are in the cards. But for a sport that often feels like it's run out of ways to jazz up its uniforms, that could be an interesting approach.