Now on video: Those bizarre football unis

Remember Atlantic High School in Florida, which recently unveiled one of history's weirdest football uniforms?

If you were wondering how that uni looks on the field, wonder no more, because we have some video from Atlantic's game against Santaluces High last Friday night.

The video segment begins with pregame shots of the Atlantic players. The uniforms look weird, but they're not so terrible -- until the game footage starts.

When you see the two teams on the field at the same time, Santaluces looks like, you know, a football team. And Atlantic looks like, well, not a football team.

It didn't help that Atlantic lost 26-13. Remember the most important lesson of wacky uniform design: If you dress like a clown and win, you look like a winner. But if you dress like a clown and lose, you just look like a clown.