Readers: What's next big thing in sports?

If you were alive back in the '70s and not too brain-addled by all the stuff people were doing in that self-medicating decade, you might remember that it seemed as though a new sports league was being formed every week.

There was the World Football League, the World Hockey Association, the Major Indoor Soccer League and World Team Tennis. At one point, Charles O. Finley was even talking smack about starting a new baseball league. None of them survived intact, of course, and neither did their '60s holdover counterparts, the American Basketball Association or the North American Soccer League.

The list of failed pro sports enterprises is much longer than that, of course. Since then, we’ve seen two attempts at pro football crash and burn, and nobody else has had the financial stones to assault any of the other major sports, unless you count the WNBA, the most successful of many attempts to launch women’s pro sports leagues.

Major League Soccer has carved out a niche, and mixed martial arts has pushed aside the rotting corpse of traditional prizefighting. NASCAR spent decades as a niche sport before finally blowing up huge and taking its place as a major player.

So here’s your assignment: Figure out what’s going to be the next big thing on the American sporting scene. Somewhere out there, off the collective radar is a sporting endeavor that wants a place at the crowded sports table. Maybe it’s a new league in an existing sport. Maybe it’s somebody forming a speedball league – a sport we used to play in phys ed in high school which I thought was pretty entertaining. Hey -- I don’t know what it’s going to be. That’s why I’m asking you.

What’s next, America?

Post your ideas to the comments section!