Jock or treat: Athletes' Halloween memories

Stevie Johnson, Roy Hibbert and Adam Jones offer their favorites from Halloweens past and present. ESPN.com Illustration

Athletes, they’re (kinda, sorta) like us. Which means it’s time to focus on Halloween.

To that end we spoke with trick-or-treaters from the NFL, NBA, MLB, tennis and MMA to catch up on their Halloween favorites, past and present.

What will you dress up as this year?

Stevie Johnson, Bills: Debating on either Avengers or Incredibles -- I'd be Thor or Fury.

Roy Hibbert, Pacers: This year for Halloween I'm gonna be too cool for school and not dress up as anything. No costumes fit.

Adam Jones, Orioles: Still working on it.

Bob Bryan, tennis: I'm not dressing up this year but if I was, I would be Zummy from Gummy Bears. I have no idea why.

Sloane Stephens, tennis: I don't have a costume this year, but I'm going to the Clipper game tonight so I'll just be Blake Griffin's girlfriend for the night. Haha.

Carlos Condit, MMA: Not participating this year.

What was your best-ever Halloween costume?

Johnson: An overgrown baby in a pamper {wrap} in high school -- and YES, the ladies loved me.

Hibbert: My best Halloween costume had to have been Aladdin when I was in the second grade. We had a Halloween parade for K through second grade. My mom made it from scratch -- even put mothballs in the shoes so they would curl up. I tried to win the award for best homemade costume. I came in last!

Jones: When I dressed up as Michael Jackson in 2011.

Bryan: I was Freddy Krueger when I 16. I had the glove with knives, the burnt face and the striped red shirt. It was legit.

Stephens: I have a lot of favorites but if I had to pick it would be my costume from three years ago. I was a bumblebee!

Condit: No real favorite. Just something that is a little gory. I've been a rotting zombie a few times.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Johnson: Reese's (pieces or cups).

Hibbert: Has to be candy corn. Can't mess up an original.

Jones: The Halloween Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Bryan: Butterfingers, Baby Ruths and Reese’s Pieces.

Stephens: Candy corn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Condit: Dubble Bubble gum.

What’s your favorite scary movie?

Johnson: "Scary Movie" ... because it’s not scary!

Hibbert: "Child’s Play." My favorite scary movie character had to have been Chucky. I mean I was terrified of him as a kid.

Jones: "Friday the 13th."

Bryan: My favorite is "Halloween" and Michael Myers. Dude is freaky.

Stephens: "Paranormal Activity." I couldn't sleep for a week. I am actually still scared thinking about it ... might not be able to sleep tonight now.

Condit: "Cabin Fever."

Tell us your favorite Halloween memory.

Johnson: My friends and I in high school went to our rivals’ Halloween party and it was the best because my guys and I won every game and their "great apple dipper" contest. We all talked trash as we got kicked out the party. Then we drove off talking more trash as we hung on to the sides of the truck we had.

Hibbert: I wasn't allowed to trick or treat in my neighborhood. At the time people were spiking the candy and kids were getting sick. Sad face :(

Jones: It used to be so fun trick-or-treating and dressing up with my brothers. We would roam all of the different neighborhoods together, venturing out further than our parents knew, and always having fun.

Bryan: [My twin brother] Mike and I would train hard to get into "trick or treating" shape. Come Halloween time, we would sprint from house to house like madmen.

Stephens: We went trick-or-treating a few years back and a man gave all of us silver dollars. I'll take silver dollars over candy any day!