Hey MLB: Act like you've been there before!

Had a few tugs on the jug last night and drifted off.

When I came to, the Rays were on my TV screen, whooping it up like a pack of nutcases.

How long had I been out? Was it October already? Did Tampa Bay just clinch the pennant?

Then I remembered that’s how all teams act these days after a walk-off win. Used to be you’d save your huge dog-heap celebrations for something really big.

Nowadays, teams go ape-crap over every walk-off.

(These photos are just from the past two weeks alone.)

Somewhere along the way, ballplayers lost their sense of perspective. Now maybe it’s because I hate seeing other people enjoying themselves, but I think they all need to tone it down. It’s a long season, fellas; save it for when you really reach the mountaintop.