Flyers paint fans' messages on parking lot

The Flyerbot applies soy-based paint to the parking lot at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Courtesy of Philadelphia Flyers

As a show of support, as well as to showcase their use of social media as a means to engage their fans, the Philadelphia Flyers have decided to take it to the streets, or in this case, the parking lot.

In anticipation of Tuesday night's Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Flyers and New Jersey Devils, the Flyers have painted the Wells Fargo Center parking lot in orange with “Good Luck” Twitter messages using a vehicle the Flyers have dubbed “FLYERBOT.”

The Flyers are the first professional sports team to use this 2,200-pound robot, which is attached to an SUV. The robot uses 48 spray guns to create an art installation, in this instance made up of Twitter messages surrounding the Wells Fargo Center. The messages have been painted in an environmentally friendly mixture of soy bean protein.

“We are always looking for ways to engage our fans utilizing social media," Flyers spokeswoman Rebecca Goodman said. “The Flyerbot enabled us to create an interactive publicity event driven by social media that will remain in the Wells Fargo Center parking lot as a lasting installation of art.”

Here's a sampling of fan messages: