Off Base: All-Star voting attack ads looming

Voting for the All-Star Game blends America's two greatest attributes -- democracy and baseball. Of course, if the All-Star fan vote was a little more like the presidential campaign, Fox and CNN pundits would have anointed Carl Crawford the 2012 All-Star front-runner based on a straw poll of general managers at the 2010 winter meetings.

There is one other area the All-Star vote differs from the presidential campaign. Despite having so much at stake -- not only selection to the team but the contract bonuses that go with it -- we haven't seen any attack ads. At least not yet.

With the rise of the Super PACs and the proliferation of outside financial interests, you know it's just a matter of time until we see ones like these:

Attack Ad No. 1

We see video and still images of a smiling Prince Fielder in a Detroit Tigers uniform while cheerful music plays in the background. But the music shifts to a haunting melody, and the video changes to darkened images of Fielder in a Milwaukee Brewers uniform as we hear this ominous voice-over.

"Prince Fielder fans want the first baseman to start for the American League in this summer's All-Star Game. But Prince Fielder played the first seven years of his career in the National League. He even played for the National League in three All-Star Games. He only now says he is an American Leaguer after accepting $214 million from a team in a troubled city that is cutting funding for education. Fielder says he is an American Leaguer but he is not a true American Leaguer. Do you really want your league represented by a proven flip-flopper who changes his league allegiances when it is financially lucrative and politically expedient?"

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