Stevie Wonder could bring down Hawaii AD

None of these guys will be seeing a Stevie Wonder concert in Hawaii anytime soon, sadly enough. Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Pretty much anything goes in Hawaii. Whether you wanna walk barefoot in Walmart or give birth to a president, no one’s really gonna raise a stink.

So it doesn’t seem too outrageous that the athletic director at the state’s biggest university would put down $200,000 in department funds for a Stevie Wonder concert that was booked without actually telling Stevie Wonder. Right?

Not so fast. The University of Hawaii put its athletic director, Jim Donovan, on indefinite administrative leave for doing just that, an offense that crosses the line from chill to scandalous.

The “concert” has now been cancelled, and the school is in touch with the FBI to investigate what exactly happened. The FBI, of course, will fiddle around for a week before giving up and calling in Dog the Bounty Hunter, who will proceed to wrap things up faster than you can say, “Don’t bear mace me, bro!”

With so many specifics of the case still up in the air, it wouldn’t be reasonable to paint Donovan as a bad guy quite yet. Ergo, the school’s still paying his salary, and unless he’s found guilty of wrongdoing, he can continue listening to Jack Johnson, consuming liquids out of hollowed-out pineapples and all the other things Hawaiians do for leisure.