Chat: 'Body Issue' writer Dave Fleming!

ESPN The Magazine senior writer and Playbook contributor Dave Fleming visits SportsNation to chat about the "Undercarriage Trilogy," his vaunted series of "Body Issue" stories detailing the emissions, vulnerabilities and significance of the human nether regions.

The first two parts of Fleming's series dish the details on unfortunate incidents in sports/anatomical history. This year's edition, "Call of Booty," emphasizes the importance of the glute in sports.

Friday's chat wraps up a weeklong celebration (?) of Fleming's revealing series on Playbook:

Monday: It happens: the Tao of Poo in sports (Body Issue 2010)

Tuesday: Testicles and sports: guts, glory, injury (Body Issue 2011)

Thursday: Flem File: Who has the best butt in sports?

Friday: SportsNation chat transcript -- Dave Fleming